Physical Education Lesson Plans

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Kindergarten to Second Grade

  1. $10 Billion to Host the Winter Olympic Games: Is It worth It?
  2. Adapted Physical Education - To make sure all students have a great understanding of the activity while enjoying it.
  3. Airports - Students will be learning about personal and general space while moving in different levels.
  4. Body Toss - After learning to Identify the proper names of body parts,and the proper underhand throwing techniques, the students will participate in the game named Body Toss.
  5. Cardio Fitness - The Oxygen Cycle - To learn more about how oxygen is needed for exercise and as fuel for our body.
  6. Color Me Healthy - Learning about how our hearts help keep us healthy.
  7. Dairy & The Food Pyramid - Students will be able to identify the parts of the Food Pyramid and will know details are the dairy portion of the chart.
  8. Handwashing - Following a demonstration, the student will be able to wash hands independently.
  9. Match & Go - Review various forms of locomotor movements used in prior games and activities.
  10. Mental Health and Stress Reduction - To educate the students about the importance of having a positive outlook on life, the importance of having strong self-esteem and to present them with some ways to cope with stress and make decisions.
  11. Moving in General Space - Warm up with exercises. Discuss and demonstrate proper handling of a parachute.
  12. Parachute Washing Machine - To increase upper body muscular endurance and develop gross motor skills, cooperation, and listening skills.
  13. Popcorn Just Makes More Sense - The teacher will have the students close their eyes and imagine what may happen if popcorn was popping.
  14. Teamwork - The students will demonstrate teamwork with members of the class.
  15. What Makes Us Grow - To help children see the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise to help them grow stronger each day.
  16. Who Are You? - A lesson on community skills.

Third to Fifth Grade

  1. Challenge Fitness Stations - The students will work on physical fitness development by moving through fitness challenges, making fitness FUN!
  2. Home Safety I - How to stay safe from Electric Shock, Poisons, Common Household dangers.
  3. Introduction to the 5 Food Groups - Students will identify the Five Food Groups and use technology (multimedia and computer) to communicate information. Children will learn about the five food groups as well as the specific foods found in each of these groups.
  4. PE Central Lesson Ideas- Lessons for all grades. They also have warm-ups and instant activities.
  5. Physical Education Spelling Relay - Students will work cooperatively in small groups to spell grade level spelling words while participating in scooter relays.
  6. Sharks and Minnows - Students will improve their cardiovascular system by participating in this activity.
  7. Spelling Sprint Relays - A fun game to add content classes.
  8. TAILBAIL adapted from Marc Wedding - Students will learn strategies and skills to successfully pass and throw the tailball. Students will be able to referee themselves based on the rules of the game.
  9. United States of America Tag - Students will by the end of this game have had review on the general location of where each state in the USA is located.
  10. Your Health and Fitness - This performance is to help target great exercise techniques that the students can grow into as they grow older.
  11. Was Babe Ruth Underpaid? - Sports related inflation lesson that kids identify with.

Middle School

  1. Aerobic fitness - Students will gain knowledge of how to build their own aerobic fitness plan to use in their daily life, gain an understanding of the importance of aerobic fitness, and actively participate in aerobic fitness during class.
  2. Circuit Training - The goal of this lesson is for my students to increase their heart rate by doing a variety of exercises.
  3. Full Body Workout: Introduction - This will not tax the students body much due to the intentions of introducing the students to a full body workout.
  4. Gross Motor Development - To development and strengthen gross motor muscles through the medium of swimming exercises.
  5. Heart Rate Activity - The goal is to have each student self-assess his or her personal fitness and make recommendations for change.
  6. How To Handle Stress - Students will be able to define stress, stress-or, stress response, distress, eustress.
  7. How to have Healthy Teeth! - Students will be able to brush their teeth correctly.
  8. Let's Get Physical - Students will create an outline/rough draft describing an activity or exercise depicted in a photograph.
  9. Personal Safety - By the end of the first trimester the students will be able to demonstrate acquired knowledge of dangers in the community.
  10. PFT 1 Mile Run - The goal of this lesson is for students to increase their heart rates by doing a variety of warm-up exercises and run the 1 Mile California Physical Fitness Test.
  11. Risk Reduction - Identification of factors that increase and decrease chances of being hurt.
  12. Settling Disputes - To provide a strategy to students in grades 6-8 to settle simple disagreements.
  13. Stress management and Prevention - Identify stress management and prevention skills.
  14. Teen Pregnancy - The subject is Sexuality and Birth Control.
  15. Turning over a new leaf - Creating a classroom contract and completing self-interest forms.
  16. What is Peace? - To help children gain an understanding that peace is more than the negation of violence.

High School

  1. Childhood Obesity - To educate parents on the ways to help reduce childhood obesity and prevent their children from becoming obese.
  2. Creating a video production - Creating an instructional wrestling video.
  3. Fun in the Sun for Everyone - Educate on bicycle safety, and the proper wear of a bicycle helmet.
  4. Function and Structure of the Human Body - The aim of this course is to provide the students with the knowledge about the structure and function of the human body that will need in the performance of their daily functions as member of healthcare team.
  5. Nintendo Wii Sports - At the end of this lesson, students will be able to play a complete game of tennis and be able to articulate the basic rules of the game.
  6. Positive Atmosphere In Physical Education Class - Get every student involved and pay every student equal amount of attention.
  7. Proper Conditioning - Conditioning to improve health.
  8. Strong Abs Strong Bones Class #1 - Understand the power of stabilization as the most effective abdominal strengthener.
  9. Relaxation Techniques - Techniques to relax your children.
  10. Self-Care: Women's Health - To develop a proactive approach to getting recommended screenings for women with high-risk factors in order to prevent or rehabilitate an illness before, during, and after it may occur.
  11. Weight lifting - The proper way to lift.