About Teach-nology

TeAch-nology - The Art and Science of Teaching with Technology - represents a vision of teaching in a world driven by technology. Our mission to provide services designed to support educators' in effectively incorporating technology in teaching and learning. Our goal is two-fold: to provide a reservoir of online resources for educators to access at any time and to provide effective tools for designing instruction that are time and energy saving.

Teachnology Incorporated developed in response to the challenges associated with Twenty-First Century Learners: The Net-Generation. To meet these challenges, the company first developed a method for individuals to access free on-line resources that support classroom instruction, www.teach-nology.com. In addition to the development of this free web portal, Teachnology expanded to provide a variety of other services:

1) professional development consultations designed to support K-12 schools efforts to implement programs integrating technology in teaching;

2) original content and software products designed to provide teachers with tools for creating instructional materials;

3) original publications created by experienced educators for other educators; and

teach-nology.com: The Online Teacher Resource

As a web portal, TeAch-nology.com offers a wide variety of free resources intended to bring educators into the world of teaching with technology. It provides links to valuable and useful information relative to current and best practices in the field of education. A large variety of free classroom materials and support tools are also available.

A team of highly professional educators maintains teach-nology.com. The team includes a cadre of PreK-12 grade teachers, professors of higher education, leading educational consultants, small business constituencies, and experienced web designers. There is no cost associated with accessing the resources found on TeAch-nology.com. We are able to offer this site as a free service due to our advertising campaign and sponsorship. Visiting sponsorship sites provides support that enables us to continue to offer and maintain this site.


Consulting Division

Teachnology, Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services and staff development programs tailored to specific, identifiable needs. Educational experts in the field of technology and education provide all consulting services. As a specialized service for educators, our consulting services provide high quality assistance that will enable today's educators to be on the cutting edge of the educational profession. Fees for consulting services vary according to services rendered. To obtain more information, please contact:

Teachnology, Incorporated
87 Grandview Drive
Bloomingburg, New York 12721