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Our teacher web polls have taken place over many surveys.

Results of all polls are archived on this page.

Our results have been published in endless educational and union magazines.

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Past Teacher Web Polls
  1. Could you see yourself in a career other than teaching?
  2. Does your school administration provide you adequate prep time?
  3. Did you start to count the number of days until school starts?
  4. Have you read the new Harry Potter book yet?
  5. Teachers: Do you feel appreciated by your students?
  6. Did this year's switch to daylight savings time your students more than usual?
  7. Is your school building well maintained?
  8. Do you look forward to Parent-Teacher conferences?
  9. Does your school allow Halloween parties?
  10. Do you use multimedia applications to teach?
  11. Do you receive adequate professional development from your school?
  12. Do you believe in standardized testing?
  13. Do you use virtual field trips as a learning activity?
  14. Are your students more tech savvy than you?
  15. Do you use technology to keep records?
  16. Do you prefer whole group instruction to small group?
  17. Are teachers adequately prepared to teach for the 21st century?
  18. Do you plan lessons aligned to national standards?
  19. Do you use thematic units for instruction?
  20. Should educational technology be treated as a separate subject?
  21. Can computers replace textbooks?
  22. Is e-learning an effective means of learning?
  23. Do you assign web quests as activities?
  24. Do you leave your cellular phone on during instruction?
  25. Do you own and use a lap top?
  26. Do you plan for students' learning styles?
  27. Do you have access to a smartboard?
  28. Do you contact students via email?
  29. Do you use a classroom web site?
  30. Do you contact parents via email?
  31. Are computers in your classroom up-to-date?
  32. Do computers in the classroom improve student learning?
  33. Have high oil prices affected the day to day operations at your school?
  34. Are today's students properly trained on the use of business software applications?
  35. At your school, how difficult is it to integrate technology with your lessons?
  36. Do you believe same gender classes raise student achievement?
  37. Does your school have a community volunteer program for students?
  38. Does your school stage an end of the year culminating activity for students?
  39. What are your views on homework?
  40. Have you noticed that your school has reduced support for field trips within the most recent years?
  41. Are local community agencies adequately involved in your school district's operations?
  42. Do you think that today's society places less value on handwriting skills?
  43. During which of these seasons do you feel that you keep your classroom the tidiest?
  44. Do you think that today's society places less value on spelling skills?
  45. Does your school district require you to maintain a daily record of your lesson plans?
  46. One administrative change that could help me be a more effective teacher this year is...
  47. Do you feel that your school district's budget will be cut significantly this coming school year?
  48. What factor is the most significant variable in making a school a great place to work?
  49. Do today's students have better math skills than their parents?
  50. Would you use a free online pen pal exchange to connect with other teacher's classes globally?
  51. Do today's students have better writing skills than their parents?
  52. How does the U.S. Presidential Administration influence what takes place in your classroom?
  53. Do you allow students to eat in your classroom during instruction?
  54. Is the exchange of Valentines discouraged by your school district?
  55. How would you describe the reading level of the students you teach?
  56. Does your school district have a well constructed phonics curriculum that all teachers follow?
  57. Do you feel that your daily school lunches provide students with a balanced meal?
  58. Has your school made efforts to raise funds for tsunami victims?
  59. How often do you come across plagiarism in your classroom?
  60. Would mandating a school dress code increase students' academic performance?
  61. Are you confident that the substitute teachers in your building are properly trained for the job?
  62. Does your school discourage classroom holiday celebrations?
  63. Is it more difficult than usual to engage students in learning during the holiday season?
  64. Does your school take regular field trips to the zoo?
  65. Do poor weather conditions affect student performance?
  66. What's your favorite tool for direct instruction?
  67. Does your school participate in Thanksgiving activities?
  68. Does your school cafeteria provide students with healthy lunches regularly?
  69. Do you discuss the U.S. Presidential Race with your students?
  70. Is there a shortage of qualified subsitute teachers in your school district?
  71. Do you use class jobs in your classroom?
  72. Does the use of graphing calculators in the classroom strengthen student understanding?
  73. The counseling services available to students at my school are more than adequate.
Even More Past Teacher Polls
  1. Teachers: How often do you use rubrics?
  2. Are you excited about going back to school?
  3. Teachers: Do you feel that you are paid enough for the work you do?
  4. Which olympic event are you most likely to catch yourself watching this summer?
  5. Should parents/guardians be held accountable for the effort of their children?
  6. How is the treatment of school employees by your school district?
  7. Should schools reintroduce corporal punishment for serious student misbehavior?
  8. Are assignments given to students over the summer in your school?
  9. What are your thoughts on reality Television shows?
  10. Is it right for parents to pay students for receiving good grades in school?
  11. Teachers: Will you be teaching over the summer?
  12. Should teachers be paid for after-school instruction?
  13. Teachers: How long have you been teaching?
  14. Do you feel that instituting a school uniform policy would increase student success in your school?
  15. How do you feel about your summer vacation?
  16. Which scenario best represents your view of parental involvement for your current students?
  17. Which U.S. presidential candidate's policy will most benefit U.S. classrooms?
  18. Do you feel that the Teaching Staff and Administration have a true partnership in your school?
  19. Does smaller class sizes increase student test scores?
  20. Should evolution be taught in public schools?
  21. How should public education teacher salaries be determined?
  22. Do you feel that it is necessary to hoard classroom supplies?
  23. Do you feel that your school is safe for students and teachers?
  24. Should schools assign police officers to public schools to increase security?
  25. Are you very satisfied with teaching as a career?
  26. Do you feel that students would progress best in a single-gender environment?
  27. What do you mostly spend your time doing during your teacher preparation time?
  28. Which method of communication do you find most helpful to keep in contact with parents?
  29. What is the most difficult season of the year for teachers?
  30. How has the "No Child Left Behind Act" affected your teaching duties?
  31. What special education teaching program do you feel most benefits regular education students?
  32. What teaching program do you feel most benefits special education students?
  33. What single item, within your classroom, can you not live without?
  34. When negotiating teacher contracts, what is the most important variable to your local union?
  35. The college professor that had the most influence on your instructional style taught which course?
  36. What do you prefer to write with?
  37. What is your favorite day of the school week?
  38. Is phonics instruction the best way to teach a child to read?
  39. When you were a K-12 student, what level of achievement did you accomplish in school?
  40. Are teachers getting the respect they deserve from students?
  41. When do you do most of your school supply shopping?
  42. When preparing the majority of your lessons, what single variable is at the fore-front of your mind?
  43. What is the most important quality for a teacher of teenage students?
  44. Should home-schooling parents be required to have teaching credentials?
  45. What do you consider to be the average size of a class where you work?
  46. How often do you assign homework in an average school week?
  47. The type of teaching style I prefer can be best describe as:
  48. How many computers do you have in your classroom?
  49. How well prepared are you for this school year's curriculum?
  50. School Budgets Woes- How much money do you spend from your own pocket for your class needs annually?
  51. The most successful method for involving parents/guardians in my classroom has been:
  52. What single factor holds you back from using the Internet in your classroom?
  53. What single change would help you be a more effective teacher this year?
  54. Where do you most often find helpful hints, timesavers, and teaching tips?
  55. Before you began your teaching career, what do you wish you would have known?
  56. The most important factor for a positive professional development experience is:
  57. When I am searching for curriculum resources on the Internet, I am most often working at a computer:
  58. What is your favorite content area to teach?
  59. Does bad weather affect student performance?
  60. How does having a part-time job affect student academic performance?
  61. From an educator's viewpoint, what is the best invention ever created?
  62. What types of technology activities do you like BEST to use in teaching?
  63. When do you start planning for the new school year?
  64. Why do you think teachers are sometimes reluctant to use technology in teaching?
  65. How do you plan to spend your summer vacation?
  66. Who is the most excited about the last day of school?
  67. Who should control schooling and determine the curriculum?
  68. How do you think schooling will change in the next decade?
  69. Does the curriculum that you use to teach meet the interests of today's youth?
  70. Where did you learn your most effective behavior management techniques?
  71. Look back on your own education, do children today get a better or worse education than you did?