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What Are Teacher Printables, and How Do They Help Students?

As a teacher, you may not always have the time to prepare lengthy worksheets for every topic or sub-topic taught in class. This is where they come in handy. If you are looking for teaching resources to help build on class lessons while also saving your time, all you have to do is print and assign these teaching resources to your students during class.
For subjects like math that require hands-on practice to understand and learn, no teaching method is more effective than one that requires them to use a pencil to solve a worksheet explicitly designed to cover an essential topic.

Teacher printables are not only one of the most effective teaching resources; they are also fun for students and encourage analytical and problem-solving skills.
Let’s first see what they are and how they benefit students and aid in the process of teaching!

What Are They?

Teacher printables are a popular and effective teaching resource used by teachers today. These are readily available worksheets on a wide variety of topics available online. As students solve these worksheets, they can practically apply their knowledge on topics taught in class which helps build their ability to solve problems and come up with quick solutions. Teacher printables are effortlessly obtainable for almost all subjects, thus saving teachers the trouble of preparing a worksheet for each lesson.

Are They Beneficial for Teachers?

There are hundreds of forms that teachers have to print daily. These could include lesson plan checklists, report card comments, substitute worksheets, classroom activities progress charts, and more.

Since time is of the essence, especially for teachers who are under pressure to cover the course material and monitor and record the daily progress of their students, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to prepare all of these worksheets.

There are several websites where you can find free teacher printables. All you have to do is select the grade, for example, elementary school, kindergarten, 1st grade, and then select the topic or subject or some websites you may have the option to select from various categories of them that are all guaranteed to save your time and help your students.

You will find teacher printables for both individual and group-based classroom activities. You can choose what will work best for your students for a particular topic.
It is essential to assign students time to complete these worksheets during class. Otherwise, they will waste time in class, and assigned tasks specifically designed to be solved in class won't be as effective if they are assigned as homework.
Hence, teacher printables make the job very easy for teachers, especially by saving time and effort they would otherwise have to spend formulating these worksheets and teacher forms.

Are They Beneficial for Students?

1. They Allow for Exam Preparation

As students attempt worksheets in class, they gain confidence in that material which helps them in tests. Especially for subjects like math that require hands-on practice, these printable worksheets are an excellent tool as they prepare students for standardized tests.
Tests can be overwhelming for some students, mainly due to time constraints. Class worksheets prepare students to attempt tests within a set period. This helps improve their grades in exams.

2. They Encourage Student Interaction

Teacher printables work best for encouraging group work in class. Instead of assigning the worksheets individually, these can be given to a group of four or five students to solve by collective effort.

Group work improves the student's teamwork and communication skills. They learn how to work together to solve problems within a period. However, it is essential to time the worksheets assigned to students and leave sufficient time for class discussions at the end. If you don’t time the tasks, chances are students will waste time talking to each other and eventually have those tasks taken home for completion. Worksheets specifically designed to be attempted in class won't be as effective if they are given as take-home assignments.

3. They Allow Students to Assess Their Understanding of a Topic

Teacher printable worksheets also allow students to see how well they are doing in a particular subject. For example, a student may think they have understood the lesson well. However, they may not be good at applying that knowledge. These worksheets allow students to monitor their progress and give extra time to topics they don't perform well.

4. They Work Best for Topics that Require Memorization

While this does not apply to all subjects, some require memorization skills. For example, multiplication tables can be learned and memorized using worksheets. Students can repeatedly practice on them to learn them by heart.
Worksheets that require students to fill in the blanks provide an excellent means for applying what has been memorized.

5. They Allow Students to Build on Important Concepts Taught in Class

Owing to the time limitation of the classroom, teachers often don't have the time to explain every topic in detail. This is where worksheets come in handy. Worksheets allow students to expand upon their knowledge and take the lessons a step further by learning how to apply them to different real-life situations.
This will improve their ability to analyze and develop solutions to any situation they face critically. This will have the confidence to tackle it.

Closing Thoughts

Teacher printables are undoubtedly a practical resource for teaching. They not only provide teachers a supplement for what they are teaching and also help them monitor how well the students are learning and understanding the subjective. Teachers can then prioritize which topics need to be taught in more detail for better understanding.
For the reasons described above, they are a tool for teaching, and it leaves teachers with a lot of spare time that they can invest in preparing lessons and other activities that enhance students learning. The best part is that these resources are readily available online for free. Do try them out. Happy teaching!