Printable Classroom Labels

Things can get quickly out of place and misused in your classroom if you don't have things marked properly. We asked 25 teachers the average amount of time they spend trying to locate items in their classroom on a typical day. As a group, they agreed that they spend an average of 5 minutes every day locating items in their classroom. That doesn't sound that significant, does it?

The average school year consist of 185 days. So that means that these teachers agree that they spend:

925 minutes (185 x 5 minutes) locating items

925 minutes = 15.42 Hours

The Center for American Progress reported in April that the average school day consists of 6.5 hours. Therefore the average teacher we talked to agreed that they spend just over two full school days just locating items.This is why we created free labels for teachers to print and stick to the many different items that are found in a classroom. This will also help students recognize what and where certain things are. For example, daily announcements or class supplies.

We have created labels for anything and everything that you can imagine that has to deal with education. If you're looking for supply labels, we have plenty! If you need labels for activities such as recess or finger painting, we got it! We even have labels for different passes such as hall, nurse, and bathroom. Ever wish everything in your classroom was labelled? Now it is easy! We have a whole bunch of new labels for you. Just print and stick to your personals.

Audio / Visual Classroom Label Sets

  1. CDs, CD Player, DVDs, DVD Player
  2. Cassettes, Radio, VCR Tapes, Videos
  3. Camera, Digital Camera, TV, VCR

General Classroom Label Sets

  1. Announcements, Flag, Moment of Silence, Pledge
  2. Arithmetic, Reading, Speaking, Writing
  3. Art, Gym, Music, Physical Education
  4. Math, Social Studies, Science, English

Objects Label Sets

  1. Blinds, Windows, Curtains, Shades
  2. Door, Computer, Cubbies, Desk
  3. Calendar, Clock, Time, Watches
  4. Chair, Lights, Shelf, Table
  5. Closet, Doorway, Trash, Trash Bags
  6. Crafts, Measuring Tape, Pets, Tools
  7. Heater, Sink, Teacher's Desk, Floor
  8. Lunch Bags, Lunch Tray, Microwave, Toaster Oven

Paper Supplies Label Sets

  1. Books, Pencils, Pen, Sharpener
  2. Files, Folder, File Cabinet, Notecards
  3. Paper, Graph Paper, Scrap Paper, Writing Paper

Student Supplies Label Sets

  1. 3-Hole Punch, Fasteners, Paper Clips, Hole Punch
  2. Binders, Planners, Staples, Stapler
  3. Chalk, Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
  4. Cloth Tape, Masking Tape, Paste, Tape
  5. Display, Board, Chalkboard, Overhead
  6. Hall Pass, Bathroom Pass, Office Pass, Nurse Pass
  7. Highlighters, Glue, Hot Glue, Rubber Cement
  8. Protractors, Rulers, Yard Sticks, Compasses
  9. Stop Watches, Scissors, T-squares, Flash Cards
  10. Workbooks, Copies, Late Work, Today's Work

Teacher Label Sets

  1. Agendas, Packets, Journals, Portfolios
  2. Art Supplies, Math Supplies, Paints, Paintbrushes
  3. Attendance, Attendance Cards, Lunch Menu, Lunch Cards
  4. Bathroom, Boy's Bathroom, Girl's Bathroom, Restroom
  5. Blocks, Games, Puzzles, Chalk
  6. Buttons, Straws, Pipe Cleaners, String
  7. Clay, Finger Paint, Play Dough, Watercolors
  8. Cleaner, Soap, Sponges, Towels
  9. Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Magazines, Periodicals
  10. Legos, Recycling, Paper, Yarn
  11. Notebooks, Homework, DO Now!, Word Wall
  12. Overheads, Overhead Markers, Whiteboards, Whiteboard Markers
  13. Popsicle Sticks, Tiles, Magnets, Dodads
  14. Sign-in, Sign-out, Recess, Free Time