Printable Teacher Forms and Templates

Teachers are always pressed for time. During the school year we are lucky to get just an hour to ourselves each day. This section is dedicated to helping you get more out of your day. We have plenty of premade materials for day to day classroom.

  1. A+ Teacher Routines- In this section you will find our forms and template makers that help you organize yourself and your students.
  2. Contacting Home- These items are all for communication directly or indirectly with parents.
  3. Creating Cooperative Groups- These tickets make it easy to form random cooperative learning groups.
  4. Grid (Graph) Paper- Save money on grid paper. Print out this paper out instead. Students love the grid paper with room for work.
  5. Student Reminders- Help organize students with these reminders.
  6. Study Skills Worksheets - We help students understand how they learn best and give them strategies to improve their abilities.

Teacher Template Makers

  1. Classroom Materials Makers- The generators will allow you to make classroom materials by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer.
  2. Graphic Organizer Makers- The generators will allow you to make graphic organizers by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer.
  3. Resume Materials Makers- The generators will allow you to make employment materials by filling out a simple form.
  4. Rubric Generators- The rubric generators will allow you to make grading rubrics by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer.
  5. Teacher Monthly Calendars- Printable calendars for your classroom!
  6. Worksheet Generators- The generators will allow you to make worksheets by filling out a form.

How Teachers Can Speed Up Their Day Using Forms and Templates

It's tough to stay organized in teaching. As a teacher, you're constantly dealing with students, parents, administration, and yourself. Who wouldn't love to streamline the process and get some extra hours of sleep or some time off the screen? Forms and templates can be a huge help in putting numerous of your yearly tasks on autopilot.

Teaching should be fun for teachers. Learn how to get back in that fun mode by using Google forms in the classroom and save time by using templates.

5 Tasks Made Easy By Using Templates for Teachers

1. Student Certificates

Appreciation and encouragement are vital in promoting learning. Grab some premade student certificate templates available on Google Docs and Slides to save you the hassle of designing one from scratch. You can still make some changes to the template, such as who is the certificate being awarded? Is it a winner's certificate or a participant? You can add e-signatures to it as well.

Want to send them via email? No problem! You can download it in PDF files or PNG and JPEG formats to send pictures.

2. Worksheet Mini Book

You know what lessons you'll teach in your class from the beginning of the year. Take some time out to be prepared a step further. Create a template for worksheets regarding every concept you're going to teach in your class and turn it into a mini-book. Include definitions, fun activities, challenging riddles, etc., just like a workbook customized to your class needs.

3. Current Events

Teaching students how to block noise in today's information overload world is crucial. Ask students to stay updated on the news and note it in the pre-designed template that you'd provide them. It would make navigation easier for your students.

4. Template for a Book Review

Building a habit of reading since the beginning of the school year is imperative. But what are your kids supposed to do with all the information? Provide students with a Book Review template they have to fill out after finishing every book. Focus on integrating open-ended questions for higher-order thinking. Provide ample space for answers so your students don't bound their thinking to several lines.

5. Class Newsletters

A child's education process depends on parents as much as teachers. Interact with parents and inform them of their child's and your class's monthly accomplishments using pre-designed Newsletters. You can download them or make one using free online templates or Canvas. Then reuse the same one every month, showing theme and consistency.

Using Google Forms in the Classroom

1. Design Lesson Plans

Although lesson plans are extremely helpful in conducting a class, they sometimes become a chore. Ease up the process by creating a form with your lesson plan headings as questions. For each lesson, use the form to answer the straightforward questions. You can then collect the answer to your form and turn it into a document. Voila! Imagine how easy it gets to prepare substitute plans with this strategy.

2. Take Surveys and Polls

You might need opinions on new teaching strategies. You want to decide what class decor theme you should have this year. For such surveys, you can use Google Forms to find answers to your questions. Design a form, send it via email to your students or parents, and collect answers. You can also see what percentage of people chose something and get quantitative data on your student's preferences.

3. Take Auto-Graded Quizzes

You can create a quiz using close-ended and multiple-choice questions with one-word answers. Mark the correct answers and allot the points for each in the answer key while you're designing the form. Send it as a quiz to your students. A quiz you took but don't have to check because google forms do it for you using the answer key. Your students can know their scores on the spot—no more delayed gratification.

4. Create Rubrics

Have you marked an assignment based on categories? Create the rubrics in the Google Form and note marks for each student there. Convert the responses for each form belonging to separate students into a Google Sheet. Now, you have marked assignments and a result file ready.

5. Get a Sign-up Form Ready

Want to collect data on the number of students participating in a particular activity? Create a sign-up form for them. Design spaces to note every detail via this form, and you'll have a piece of comprehensive information on what each kid is participating in.

The Importance of Forms and Templates

There's no rocket science involved in understanding that templates and forms save time for teachers to focus on other, much more critical tasks. There are other things to appreciate about using Google Forms in the classroom and templates for teachers.

- Forms and templates eliminate repetitive tasks: Imagine designing worksheets on the same topic every year. Now, you have a worksheet template you can reuse for various topics.

- Premade templates provide quality: Sometimes, it's good to have customized designs. But a template provides you a better design option with no hassles of choosing typography or playing with equal spaces between two text boxes.

- Forms open new doors of communication: Depending on what you design forms for, you can get to know your students and their parents. They have a suggestion; you have a form. You can design forms to get to know your students better.

- Forms keep track of things: If your students have a query, have them submit a response via the form. This way, you have a track of what problems your students might be facing and to what percentage so you can work with your students on those issues.

- Forms and templates help organize information: You don't remember something? Your form response does. You can go back to that form's response and look for something you need. You don't need to have a dedicated file for all that information. Your desktop would do.


Teaching is a demanding yet rewarding profession. Being in the class and interacting with students is an indescribable experience. The back-end process can use forms and templates to save you the hassle of going through repetitive tasks.

Let forms and templates handle exhausting tasks, such as marking quizzes and formatting worksheets for you, so you enjoy what you truly love, i.e., teaching.

Keep at it. You're doing great!