Printable Forms For Contacting Parents

Contacting home is often difficult. In some situations you may need to contact over 150 homes. Using these quick and simple forms for keeping in touch with parents and guardians.

  1. Alphabet Recognition - A great way to encourage parents to participate in their child's education.
  2. Learning Contract Maker - Learning contracts help the teacher and student share the responsibility for achieving desired outcomes. Make a student-teacher contract for free with
  3. Online Good News / Bad News Reports - Too busy to tell students and parents how they are doing? This powerful tool allows you to send electronic feedback to up to 50 people by making one report. Your reports come with music and graphics too.
  4. Parent / Teacher Conference Plan Generator - This generator can be used to make a helpful form that can assist you at all parent teacher conferences.
  5. Weekly Progress Report Generator - This generator creates reports that can be used to communicate a student's weekly progress with their parent/guardians. This should save you many phone calls.

Teacher Resources on Communicating With Parents

  1. Five Secrets for Parents to Help Encourage Responsible Use of the Internet - Simple tips to make your children safe and sound.
  2. How To Have A Successful Parent Teacher Conference - Communication with parents or guardians is an essential for students' growth and learning. One means of communication is the Parent-Teacher Conference. It is a time for parents and teacher to discuss a student in a constructive and beneficial manner.
  3. How to Effectively Use Report Cards - We look at how to make your comments effective and helpful for both students and parents.
  4. Report Card Comments - Tons of premade report card comments for you.
  5. Parent Conferences Teaching Ideas - Tips from practicing teachers.
  6. Parent Resources - A number of quality places to find resources.