Student Weekly Progress Report Generator

This generator creates a report that can be used to communicate a student's weekly progress with the parent/guardians. The student should be held accountable to make sure that all designated teachers sign or initial the report on a daily basis and then have it signed by a family member at the end of a week. This should save you many phone calls.


In the boxes below, please provide a title and the three areas that you would like to assess. Note: Three common areas of assessment are set as default. You can change them and add your own.

Area of Assessment #1:
Area of Assessment #2:
Area of Assessment #3:


In the boxes below, please provide the name of five subject/content areas that you would like to assess. Note: Five common content areas are set as default. Again, you can change them and add your own.

Subject/Content Area #1:
Subject/Content Area #2:
Subject/Content Area #3:
Subject/Content Area #4:
Subject/Content Area #5:


You are now ready to make your Weekly Progress Report ! To do so, just click on the "Generate Report" button below.




Why Having Your Week Planned Out Is Vital?

If you're a teacher, you are aware of the importance of weekly planning. You have to worry about your lesson plans and keep track of students' homework and classwork. All of this can be overwhelming, but don't worry! There are some simple ways to plan your week so that everything runs smoothly.

The Importance of Weekly Planning and How to Do It

For a well-managed week, a plan is imperative. Search a teachers' weekly plan sample online for planning out your week ahead. Follow these steps to plan your weeks effectively.

Start by Looking at Your Calendar and Blocking Out Time for Lesson Planning, Grading, and Meetings with Parents or Students.

By looking at your calendar and blocking out time for lesson planning, grading, and meetings with parents or students, you can ensure that you are making the most of your time. You don't have to meet any last-minute surprises or deal with a task you enjoy the least without being prepared for it. Having a plan helps keep you organized and on track to be the best teacher possible.

Next, Make a List of the Subjects You Need to Cover in Your Lessons.

As a teacher, having your week planned out may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many teachers don't do so. By having a plan, you will know what lessons you need to cover and when you need to cover them. It will keep your lessons aligned for a structured approach to the week.

This plan will also help keep your students on track and ensure they get the most out of their education. Additionally, having a plan will help reduce stress levels and make it easier to enjoy your job as a teacher.

Then, Create a Plan for Each Day of the Week That Includes What You'll Teach and When You'll Do Any Necessary Prep Work.

You need to know what you'll be teaching each day and when you'll do necessary prep work. Planning can include organizing any multimedia you might require and printing worksheets you need ahead of time. By having a plan for each day of the week, you can ensure that your students get the best possible education and well-prepared lessons.

Finally, Don't Forget to Schedule Some Time for Yourself to Relax and Recharge.

Planning your week out allows you to be prepared for each class and have a backup plan if something goes wrong. It also helps you stay organized and on track with your lesson planning. However, don't forget to schedule some time for yourself so you can relax and recharge. This time is important as it will save you from getting burnt out from teaching.

Wrap Up

Allow yourself to take some time out on weekends and plan the next week ahead. It will keep you on track and give you some room for your personal needs. Preparing what you're going to teach next week ahead of time gives you a chance to deal with any possible nuances and prepare a backup plan. You can relax and enjoy the weekend knowing that you're all set to be your best self as a teacher and individual the following week. Happy planning!