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This generator can make a form that can be used at all parent teacher conferences. This form should be be kept on file to reflect upon later in the school year. It is also a good idea to send a copy of completed forms home with the students. This serves as a reminder of goals for each student.


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How Should Teachers Document Their Meeting with Parents?

It is normal for some details to slip your mind when dealing with a huge influx of parents at a parent-teacher conference. But if you want to avoid forgetting the important topics discussed in such interactions, try documenting them in an organized manner.

There are numerous ways to record your interaction with parents. You can tailor such documents as per your students' needs. However, here are a few necessary details that must be a part of the document:

Student Data

The most obvious and important thing is your students' name list. Since planning and organizing parent-teacher meetings require your focus on various aspects, mixing up students' names is easy. Having students' names in front of you would make interaction with parents easy as the names would jog up your memory on the things you wanted to discuss regarding each student.

Signature Column

Next to the student's name list should be a parent's signature column that parents would sign at the end of the meeting. This column ensures parents' presence in the meeting, and you have communicated all the necessary information. It'd also help you track absentees for arranging a meet-up for another day.


A remarks column is always a good idea to note down suggestions or complaints of parents. If parents discuss an issue their child's facing outside the class, noting it down in the remarks column would aid you in remembering who to discuss the student's problem with. A remarks column makes parents feel responsible for contributing to their child's education.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting agendas differ with the type of meeting. Hence, having the agenda written on paper ahead of the meeting would aid you in communicating all the necessary points to parents. The meeting agenda also provides a structure to the meeting, and having it in front of you helps you be on track.

Overall Response

It is imperative to discuss whether the overall meeting was a success. Did the parents show up? Were they happy with their child's progress? Answering these questions can assist you in identifying best practices and areas of improvement to make your next parent-teacher meeting successful.

Individualized Agenda (Optional)

At times, you might want to discuss some issue in particular regarding a child. The individualized agenda column next to the student's name list can revive your memory and help you communicate with parents effectively. You must fill this column ahead of time.

Follow-up Details

Following up is an after-meeting step but crucial to ensure each of your students gets their due attention. You must add details to these cells if:

- A parent is absent. You can write the reason for their absence and when the next meeting is scheduled.

- A parent is assigned a task. Whether it's a plan you have come up with for parents to improve their child's results or some strategy to work on their behavior, you can note the necessary details and follow-up dates in this column.

Documenting such details helps you keep track of your tasks effectively.

The Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher communication is important as parents and teachers contribute to a child's education and learning abilities. Teachers can develop plans while parents can help execute them. Learning shouldn't be limited to school, and a parent's role is to ensure their child is learning at home. Clear communication between parents and teachers helps children progress and overcome learning gaps with strong support.


One can realize the importance of parent-teacher communication by tracking a child's progress. Since parents and teachers are both pillars of a child's education, the parent-teacher meeting documentation should be proper so that plans can be built upon it. Design a one or two-page document and ensure to add the details discussed above. Have fun transforming young lives!