Monthly Printable Calendars

Here we provide you with a series of printable monthly calendars to help you plan out your month. You will find printable calendars for past and present years. This makes it simple to outline your lesson planning. The older calendars are great for teaching students how to use these calendars and can be used to compare time periods.

Monthly Teacher Resource Guides

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  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
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Planning Tools

These are quick and easy tools that can help you plan your week and help keep you keep your students more accountable for their own responsibilities and duties.

  1. Weekly Assignment Generator - A nice way to remind students what they are responsible for over the next week.
  2. Late Work Reminders - When students are missing work, you can easily hold them accountable with this tool.
  3. Teacher's Weekly Schedule Generator - Breakdown and plan each portion of the day for the next week for yourself.
  4. Your Week At A Glance - A really nice and simple way to plan the entire week.
  5. Weekly Planner - This is a nice way to plot the course of the week for you.

  6. How Teachers Can Make Their Lives Easier with Calendars

    Using a big classroom calendar has been a common practice in elementary schools for years. They're still important in middle school, not just for ensuring a complete syllabus but also for planning what to do next. There's never enough time in a school year, so every minute must count. With a calendar, it'll be easier to remember which subjects need more attention for early morning instructions.

    There are two types of calendars that teachers can use - personal planning calendars and classroom calendars. To understand the importance of classroom calendars for teachers and students, let's look at what they can help you do.

    Planning the School Year

    Before starting a new school year, teachers need to plan what will be taught every week or month or which holiday activities will have to be squeezed in. This plan is essential because it provides a map of how to get through the year while covering every topic in the syllabus, how much time to spend on each topic, and how to prepare students for any upcoming tests they might have. This is a way to use classroom calendars for teacher's checklist items that must be crossed off before the end of the year.

    Reinforcing Mathematical Concepts

    Calendars show the passing of time. That's why a teacher calendar for classroom will help students to identify which day or week it is. This way, it helps test their knowledge of what they've learned in class. These might seem like simple concepts but having them reinforced through a classroom calendar is extremely helpful.


    Through a large classroom calendar, students will be reminded which day comes next in the week's sequence. This will reinforce their understanding of sequences.


    Students can identify the current day, week, month, and year. This will help them understand how time passes.


    Once they observe patterns in the calendar sequence, they'll be able to predict what day or month comes next.

    Classroom Calendar Activities

    - Help students predict what date will come three weeks from now by looking at the calendar. They'll better understand the meaning of three weeks.

    - Reinforce concepts like place value by asking them to identify the place of different numbers in the number of days in a school year or even in a particular date.

    - Help them identify how much time passes before the next season or how much months are in one particular season

    - Write down adjectives to describe the current weather on the calendar of that same date.

    Building Anticipation in Students

    You can build anticipation for important school events and birthdays in students by marking them on a large visual calendar. This will help them prepare for things like exams in advance or be excited when looking forward to the school play. Students know what will come next, which helps make them less anxious.


    Every student needs to feel important and have a place in the class. A good way to show them this is by including their birthdays on the class calendar. This way, every student will get their turn to be wished on the day of their birthday.


    School isn't just about learning fractions and punctuation. Competitions, plays, and other school events are an exciting part of school life. That's why knowing what school event is next will keep students looking forward to it and preparing for it if they need to. For example, a reminder for the school play will encourage students to take part in auditions.


    Holiday time isn't just celebrated at home. It's also part of the classroom. Approaching holidays like Christmas or Cinco De Mayo bring a lot of fun classroom activities with them. Knowing when these holidays will come is important for both teachers and students. For teachers, the holidays on a classroom calendar help them prepare for a break in the teaching schedule. They also keep students excited for when they'll next get a break from school.

    Understanding Changing Seasons

    Marking the seasons on the classroom calendar for teachers is a way of helping students identify which season falls when, as well as the sequence of the seasons throughout the year.

    Other Ways to Use Planning Calendar

    There are many printable templates available online to help you get started on planning a school year. Calendars aren't just for lesson planning, they can also help with other events.

    Substitute Teachers

    If you're planning on going on vacation or have to go on maternity leave,any substitute teacher who fills in will know what to teach during the time that you're gone if you've prepared for this with a calendar. They'll know which lesson plans to cover so you can pick up where you left off whenever you come back. In this personal teaching calendar, you can mark which resources the substitute teachers can use to teach students. This will prevent confusion or overlap between different teachers.

    Long-Term Plans

    If you like giving your students a long project, you can use a calendar to check on their weekly or monthly progress. As a teacher, your job isn't only to plan the school year but also to remember student birthdays and schedule important meetings. Having all this visually spread out on a calendar will make it easier to know what to incorporate in your next lesson.

    Teaching is a demanding job. You have to keep up with holidays, birthdays, and other events while ensuring that the class is on schedule with the yearly curriculum. Calendars are the best way to manage your teaching schedule in the classroom. A large visual calendar makes it easy for students and teachers to anticipate what comes next. You can keep referring to the calendar to stay on track and use it to test the students' understanding of dates and times.

    Legacy Monthly Printable Calendars

    We started this section about twenty years ago. At the time, there were very few monthly calendars available anywhere. So, teachers depending on us to publish these for them. As time moved forward the Internet was littered with better monthly calendars, so we stopped publishing them. The funny thing is that thousand of people still use these legacy calendars mostly for the purposes of posing word problems to students. So they are still active below.

    2011-2012 School Year Calendars

    1. July 2011
    2. August 2011
    3. September 2011
    4. October 2011
    5. November 2011
    6. December 2011
    7. January 2012
    8. February 2012
    9. March 2012
    10. April 2012
    11. May 2012
    12. June 2012

    2010-2011 School Year Calendars

    1. July 2010
    2. August 2010
    3. September 2010
    4. October 2010
    5. November 2010
    6. December 2010
    7. January 2011
    8. February 2011
    9. March 2011
    10. April 2011
    11. May 2011
    12. June 2011

    2009-2010 School Year Calendars

    1. July 2009
    2. August 2009
    3. September 2009
    4. October 2009
    5. November 2009
    6. December 2009
    7. January 2010
    8. February 2010
    9. March 2010
    10. April 2010
    11. May 2010
    12. June 2010

    2008-2009 School Year Calendars

    1. July 2008
    2. August 2008
    3. September 2008
    4. October 2008
    5. November 2008
    6. December 2008
    7. January 2009
    8. February 2009
    9. March 2009
    10. April 2009
    11. May 2009
    12. June 2009

    2007-2008 School Year Calendars

    1. July 2007
    2. August 2007
    3. September 2007
    4. October 2007
    5. November 2007
    6. December 2007
    7. January 2008
    8. February 2008
    9. March 2008
    10. April 2008
    11. May 2008
    12. June 2008

    2006-2007 School Year Calendars

    1. July, 2006
    2. August, 2006
    3. September, 2006
    4. October 2006
    5. November 2006
    6. December 2006
    7. January 2007
    8. February 2007
    9. March 2007
    10. April 2007
    11. May 2007
    12. June 2007

    2005-2006 School Year Calendars

    1. July, 2005
    2. August, 2005
    3. September, 2005
    4. October, 2005
    5. November, 2005
    6. December, 2005
    7. January, 2006
    8. February, 2006
    9. March, 2006
    10. April, 2006
    11. May, 2006
    12. June, 2006

    2004-2005 School Year Calendars

    1. August, 2004
    2. September, 2004
    3. October, 2004
    4. November, 2004
    5. December, 2004
    6. January, 2005
    7. February, 2005
    8. March, 2005
    9. April, 2005
    10. May, 2005
    11. June, 2005

    2002 - 2003 School Year Calendars

    1. August, 2002
    2. September, 2002
    3. October, 2002
    4. November, 2002
    5. December, 2002
    6. January, 2003
    7. February, 2003
    8. March, 2003
    9. April, 2003
    10. May, 2003
    11. June, 2003