April Teacher Resource Guide

Famed for its showers, which are said in the common English proverb to "bring May flowers," April is one of the warm, pleasant months of Spring in the northern hemisphere - a time when blossoms are opening, birds are singing, the grass is turning green, and the winter's snow already seems like a distant memory. There are also plenty of interesting things going on in April - many of them having to do with human customs and quirks.

Although April 1st, also known as April Fools' Day, is generally known for good-natured jokes and pranks, some pranks have had serious results and caused major problems. A 2003 South Korean April Fools' prank, in which it was reported on numerous websites that Bill Gates, the Microsoft tycoon, has been murdered, caused the South Korean stock market to lose 1.5% of its value before the prank was discovered to be a hoax.

Some of the highly-publicized pranks that have marked April Fools' Day have caused more amusing reactions. The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, ran an April Fools' "story" in 1957, in which supposed Swiss people were shown harvesting spaghetti from trees after the "spaghetti weevil" was wiped out in the country. Amazingly, hundreds of viewers called the station to ask where they could buy spaghetti trees to grow in their own back yard. Read More About The Month of April

Notable April Holidays, Events, and Celebrations