Easter Lesson Plans

  1. A New Flavor of Jellybean
  2. Color Blending and Eggs
  3. Comparing Eggs
  4. Creating Easter Eggs by Directions Alone
  5. Duck Feet Addition
  6. Dyeing Easter Eggs Around the World
  7. Easter Egg Patterns
  8. Easter Egg Word Families
  9. Free-form Easter Baskets
  10. Hide My Eggs Here
  11. Hiding Eggs and Giving Directions
  12. How big is the Egg?
  13. Jelly Bean Math
  14. Jelly Bean Preferences
  15. Making Faberge Eggs
  16. Pastel Easter Eggs
  17. Vocabulary Eggs

Earth Day Lesson Plans

  1. As the Earth Turns
  2. Earth Day Teaching Theme
  3. Earth Day Worksheets
  4. Earth Matters
  5. Environment Teaching Theme
  6. The Lunar and Terrestrial Tug of War

Inventors/Explorers Day Lesson Plans

  1. Back Up
  2. Continuation of the Revolution
  3. Creatively Creating Expository Essays
  4. From Peanuts to Peanut Butter
  5. Game Creator Extraordinaire
  6. Household Products Past to Future
  7. Imagine That

Arbor Day Lesson Plans

  1. A Tall Trees Simulation
  2. Arbor Day Across the United States
  3. Arbor Day Teaching Theme
  4. Arbor Day Worksheets
  5. Biggest Trees in the United States
  6. Farm Lesson Plans
  7. Farm Worksheets
  8. How Does Your Tree Measure Up?

Math Word Problem Day

  1. Math Worksheets
  2. Subtraction and Addition Word Problems Made Easy
  3. Why are Word Problems So Important?
  4. Word Problem Teaching Theme
  5. The Real Problem of the Week
  6. Tips for Reinforcing Good Problem Solving Skills

Book Day Helpers

  1. Act It Out
  2. A Story in Sequence
  3. Character Shirts
  4. Clouds of Main Ideas
  5. Debate: Which is Better : A Book or a Movie?
  6. Reading Comprehension Theme
  7. Relevance of Setting
Phonics Lesson Plans
  1. Alphabet Box
  2. Bubblegum Blends
  3. Busy Bee Vowels
  4. First Letter Bingo
  5. Fishing for Phonics
  6. Four Corners and a Wall: Matching Vowel Sounds
  7. Jumping Syllables
  8. Phonics Challenge
  9. Plates of Word Families
  10. Predicting Missing Words
  11. Rhyming Word Relay
  12. Rhyming Dominoes
  13. The Yell of the Silent 'E'
  14. Stand Up or Sit Down
  15. Washing Letters
Vocabulary Lesson Plans
  1. Another Name
  2. Basketball Vocabulary
  3. Hot Potato Words
  4. Magazine Hunt
  5. One Act Play
  6. Rap, Rhyme, Jingle
  7. Rebus
  8. Slap It Down
  9. How to Learn New Vocabulary Words Quickly
  10. Top 10 Tips for Teaching New Vocabulary Words
  11. What To Do When You Can't Spell A Word
  12. Words Used Frequently (W.U.F.)

Follow Directions Day Lessons

  1. Can You Please Give Me Directions?
  2. Do You Hear What I Hear?
  3. Following Directions
  4. How Well Do You Follow Directions?
  5. The Following-Directions Follies

Writing For Fun Day Lessons

  1. Bubbles Everywhere
  2. Conducting Research to Write an Expository Paper on Survival
  3. Collaborative Writing
  4. Draw My Adjective
  5. It's all about organization
  6. Move It
  7. Numerical Autobiography
  8. Response to Literature/ Final Review
  9. Thank You Mr. Restaurant
  10. The Art of Persuasion
  11. The Interview
  12. This is Critical