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The Common Models and Methods of Instruction Teachers Use

Teachers have limitless possibilities when it comes to the methods of instruction that they can use but most of the time they merely use the traditional methods of teaching. Arguably the most widely used models of instruction are Instructor Based models. These teaching methods focus on the teacher and more often than not it involves the teacher thoroughly explaining the subject matter with little to no student interaction. This may be the most straightforward method but its efficiency is reduced due to the short attention span some students have. Since teachers don't interact with their students when they are using Instructor Based teaching models, most students lose their focus and their mind tends to wander.

The progression of education and education technology should follow the progression of time. The traditional teaching methods may have been successful in the past, but the minds of the current generation vary from those of the previous generation. This calls for new innovative teaching models that cater specially to the students of today. Of course it is not wise to throw away all of the models that the past teachers have painstakingly created. These commonly used models are popular for a reason and that reason is that they were once incredibly successful. This is why it is recommended to use these models as a basis for the new ones. If there is a way to transfer the advantages of these teaching methods to the new concepts then the teachers should do everything in their power to merge the past and the present into one innovative teaching method.

Even though schools should aim for the quick advancement of education and education technology, it is not wise to rush the process. The traditional methods of teaching may have some disadvantages but they are definitely better than half-baked and over-ambitious teaching concepts. Proper research should be put into these new methods because a small piece of information can decide the success and failure of the new innovations. It is important to give these new concepts enough testing time to make sure that they are upgrades and not regressed versions of the traditional teaching methods. Only when these new concepts are properly tested and approved by the Department of Education should the instructors start using them.

Creating social teaching models is a good idea but it is not wise totally break the barrier between teacher and student. Having a teaching model that can promote social activities between a student and a teacher can be for the greater good of education and education technology but limits have to be put on these concepts. Teachers should avoid extremes when it comes to creating new teaching models because of the disastrous result an over-ambitious teaching method can have. Striking the right balance between the traditional teaching methods and these new social teaching methods is what most teachers should aim for. If they succeed at getting the right balance then their chances of success significantly increases.

High tech tools can also be used in the advancement of education technology. Using tools like software programs in the teaching methods of instructors can help instructors attract and keep the attention of their students. However, if the computers aren't regulated then the students can get distracted by the very tools that were made to prevent them from being distracted. Using technology in teaching can be a double edged sword because of the tendency of modern technology to be inclined on leisure instead of work. This is why proper research and testing should be done before deciding on the usage of these items. If the technology is utilized properly then there is a huge probability that it can yield great results.

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