How to Form Your Own Educational Philosophy

Forming an educational philosophy can help students perceive their goals and subsequently increase their efficiency at school. Teachers also benefit from having educational philosophies as they can refine their teaching methods depending on their philosophies. The problem with the education and education technology today is that it is all based on grades and paperwork. These grades are supposed to be the representation of the learning of the students but time has corrupted that ideal and now grades are merely numbers that students try to achieve by pleasing their teachers. This problem can be solved by having a philosophy about what education is and its goal. To be able to form your own educational philosophy then you should first research the various educational philosophies of famous and wise philosophers.

Finding the information regarding the philosophies of philosophers that lived hundreds of years ago isn't as hard as it sounds. In fact, you don't even need to leave the house to find the wisdom that ancient philosophers have left behind. The internet was created for the very purpose of transferring and sharing information. Even if it is deep corrupted, the internet can still serve its original purpose in the hands of a focused worker. This is the reason why you can use the internet to be able to gather the information needed to form your own educational philosophy.

Education has been around as long as humans. Ancient tribes passed down hunting techniques to their children in order to endure their survival. As time passed, several rules have been added to the teaching methods until institutions were built because of growing numbers of children to teach. Education is a privilege in our generation but thing weren't always like this. In fact, countless philosophers shared their ideas in regards to the improvement of the education system. Plato believed that only the talented should be given higher education and that those who are not gifted should be trained to do menial tasks. This is not what happened to our educational system since it is the right of all children to attain education.

In its simplest state, education is merely a process that allows the young ones to absorb the wisdom of the adults so that they can learn to survive in the current society. The problem is, education and education technology is not sufficient and more often than not fails to prepare students for what is to come. This may be the result of the complexities of our society. Life is no longer as simple as learning how to use a bow to kill a boar so that you can have lunch. In our generation, education is merely our pass so that we can live in society. Once students join the society, they are left to fend for themselves and they are forced to learn everything by experience. This may not be the educational system's fault because it might be that our society is just too corrupted for schools to teach how to survive in it.

An educational philosophy can enlighten students and teachers alike but it is important to remember that these philosophies are merely opinions. Even the opinions of great philosophers may turn out to be false. This is why it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to educational philosophies. If your philosophy leads to stubbornness then your very philosophy might become the reason for the failure of your education. To have a truly effective educational philosophy, you should accept your mistakes and use it to improve your beliefs so that you can grow and acquire wisdom over time.

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