Lesson Plan Title : Move It

Age Range: Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School Level)

Duration: 45 minutes

Description: This activity gives students an opportunity to move around as they proofread and edit their essays.


To help students learn the editing process.


Students will learn the 5 steps of the editing process.

Students will learn how to peer edit.


Construction Paper (6 sheets,) one for each station



1. Use each sheet of paper to write th following words for each station. One should be labeled Punctuation Station, the 2nd should say Intro, the 3rd should say Organization, the 4th should be labeled details, and the 5th should be labeled details. The 6th should be labeled rough draft. This is where students who don't ring there rough draft with them will write their rough draft.

2. Give each student a set of five random numbers. Tell students these are the order of the stations they will visit.

3. Have students go to each station for 10-15 minutes examining each other's papers for each of the stations edits. Tell the students it is important to give explain why they have chosen to edit what they have edited.

Assessment: Examine each paper to make sure the complete editing process was understood.