Arbor Day Worksheets

Arbor Day is a event where people are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Arbor day is National recognized on the last Friday of April. We have a number of great printables to help you make Arbor Day a great experience for all.

  1. Arbor Day Acrostic Poem
  2. Alphabetic Order Worksheet
  3. KWL Worksheet
  4. Do The Research Worksheet
  5. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  6. Vocabulary Quiz
  7. Word Chop Worksheet
  8. Word Scramble
  9. Word Search Worksheet
  10. Bank on It Worksheet
  11. Circle Correct Spelling Worksheet
  12. Comparing Plant And Animal Cells
  13. Comparing Two Tree Types Venn Diagram
  14. Group Creative Writing
  15. If I were a tree? Creative Writing
  16. Missing Letter Spelling Worksheet
  17. Venn Diagram: Comparing Flowering and Non-Flowering Plants

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Plant Writing Paper

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Arbor Day Bulletin Board Characters

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  2. Flowers
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How to Celebrate Arbor Day with Students?

Arbor Day is a day dedicated to planting trees and emphasizes caring for and nourishing them. It is celebrated on the last Friday of April in the United States. The term ‘Arbor’ means 'tree' in Latin.

Plants play a vital role in keeping the air in our environment clean, making teaching students about Arbor Day all the more critical. Teachers can incorporate Arbor Day activities in their lesson plans in several fun ways, such as watching documentaries or movies on plants, conducting open discussions, assigning arts n crafts or writing tasks to the students, etc.

Students must also be taught the history and significance of Arbor Day. Arbor Day was first celebrated in 1594 in a small village in Spain called Mondoñedo. Even back then, people understood the importance of plantations.

If you are wondering how to spend Arbor Day with your students, we have you covered with some fun and engaging activities to help keep your students busy. Keep on reading to find out!

Here are some Arbor Day activities for your Students:

1. Visit the Arboretum

Planning a visit to the garden devoted to trees is an excellent way to celebrate Arbor Day with your student, as this will allow them to see and learn about the wide variety of plants that they may not come across in their daily lives. The main objective of arboretums is to collect and conserve local and exotic plant species while also nurturing and protecting endangered ones.

Visiting the arboretum can also be a way to relax and relieve stress while understanding the value of improved quality of life because of the existence of trees. Arboretums also hold a documented collection of research on living plants. These are often displayed to educate the visitors.

2. Learn About Draw Your Favorite Trees

Another great way to celebrate Arbor Day with your students is to teach them about the different species of plants and trees and then conduct a drawing contest to see who draws the best plants. The main objective of Arbor Day is for people to learn the importance of planting as many trees as possible. For that to happen, awareness is key, and what better way to educate the students about tress than with posters, slideshows, puzzles, worksheets, captivating books about plants, and games.

Once you have discussed the plants, it is time for some art n craft. Hold a content to see who draws the best trees and reward the student with an Arbor Day-themed gift like a small plant.

3. Read Books About Trees

Reading an educational book about plants and trees is a great way to teach students the significance of Arbor Day. Here is a list of our favorites:

- Arbor Day Square by Kathryn O. Galbraith and Cyd Moore

- I Can Name 50 Trees Today!: All About Trees (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library Series) by Bonnie Worth, Aristides Ruiz, and Joe Mathieu

- The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry

- Arbor Day Amazing Things: Crafts, Games, Poetry, and More For You: Arbor Day Things

To Do by Amanda Monk

- A Grand Old Tree by Mary Newell Depalma

- Curious George Plants a Tree by H. A. Rey

4. Plan a Nature Hike With Your Students

What better way to learn about trees than to go for a nature hike? So plan a hiking trip with your class to explore the natural wonders in your area. To make the trip educational, you can invite a field guide to accompany you on the hike and teach students about different kinds of trees, their properties, and their significance. Ask your students to make notes on all the observations made.

You can visit the state, and national parks are great. You can also look into Wildlife Management and other wilderness areas for the trip.

Once you return from the trip, it is time for some writing. An effective way to incorporate writing on Arbor Day is to ask students to write an essay about their visit by referring to their notes. This exercise will also teach them how to draft their observations in an essay which is the basis of research.

5. Making Posters to Create Awareness

To celebrate Arbor Day with your students, ask them to design posters and charts to spread awareness about Arbor Day and promote tree planting. These posters can be hung around the community to urge residents of your area to participate in Arbor Day. This activity will also give your students a sense of accomplishment for playing their part as responsible citizens.

6. Plant Trees Around the School

Planting trees is the best way to celebrate Arbor Day with the students and is also a great skill to teach them. So, gather your gardening tools, repeat the safety instructions to your students and start digging. Ensure that the hole you dig is at least 3 inches trees. Remove any rocks or clumps from the whole and inset the small tree or seeds in the hole, filling it halfway. Then gently press the soil with your hands and water it to secure the tree.

Water the tree again and make a circle around it with rocks. You can also paint the rocks with your students in different colors. Care for the tree and visit water it. You can teach the students to spread fertilizer on it to promote growth.

Wrapping Up

Arbor Day is an important day of the year on which we plant trees. This tradition still stands and is even celebrated as a national holiday in many counties because people understand the value and role that trees play in our lives and for the environment. There is no future without trees which makes teaching students how to plant trees and value nature a big responsibility for parents and teachers.

We hope this article will help you celebrate Arbor Day to the fullest with your students and instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment.