Fall Worksheets

Time to put on jacket yet? You know it's fall when you start to get the chills. Hopefully you get to experience the changing over of leaves. Being from the Northeast, we always get this wonderful experience. Followed by two feet of snow. We have a number of great printables on this subject.

Worksheets and Puzzles

  1. Autumn Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It! Worksheet
  3. Crossword Puzzle
  4. Cryptogram
  5. Do The Research Fall (Autumn)
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. If I Were A.... ?
  8. KWL
  9. Leaf Color Changes
  10. Fall (Autumn) Maze
  11. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  12. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  13. Vocabulary Quiz
  14. Word Chop
  15. Word Scramble Worksheet
  16. Word Search Worksheet

Fall Adjective Worksheets

  1. Daylight Savings
  2. Football
  3. Leaf Color Changes
  4. Raking Leaves

Fall Bookmarks

  1. Do Your Homework
  2. Friendly
  3. Turkey Business

Autumn Coloring and Writing Worksheets

  1. Beanstalk
  2. Bears
  3. Candle
  4. Chipmunk
  5. Pitch
  6. Turkey
  7. White House

Songs of the Fall Season

  1. It's Autumn
  2. Falling Down
  3. Falling Leaves Chant

Classroom Activities for Fall

Fall is here -the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting chillier. It is the perfect time to celebrate the fall season in the classroom with some fun-filled activities to keep the excitement of the new school year strong. These activities are guaranteed to make your students eager to learn.

Eight of the Best Classroom Activities for Fall

Here are some of the best classroom activities for fall to keep your class busy and motivated:

1. Painting Fall Leaves

Students love painting, and this activity is also pretty easy to set up. Here is what you will need:

- Real fall leaves
- Salt
- Glue
- Watercolor pens
- Pencils
- Watercolor Paper

Ask your students to draw or trace the leave on the paper to get started. Outline the leaves using glue and while the glue is drying, pour some salt over the outline and shake off the excess as we do with glitter. It is recommended to dust off the excess salt in a box to avoid mess.

Next, use water-colored pens on the glued salt once the glue is dry. It creates a beautiful effect as you trace the pen over the salt. It is almost magical, and your class will love it!

2. Creating a Fall Tree with Tissue Paper

Time to make a tree using small pieces of tissue paper. For this fun activity, you will need the following supplies:

Colored tissue paper (red, yellow, or orange)

- Paint
- Glue
- Stapler
- Scissors
- Cardboard
- Small paper place

Start by tracing the tree trunk on the cardboard. Use brown paint to color the tree trunk. Make vertical lines and spirals up and down the cardboard trunk to add texture to the tree trunk.

Take the paper plate and add glue to the back -this is where we will be pasting the small tissue paper pieces after scrunching and molding them up. Keep adding glue and tissue paper to the plate until it is full.

Add some glue on top of the cardboard tree truck where you will be pasting the tissue paper leaves. Stick the tree truck and leaves together to form the perfect fall tree.

3. Making a Friendly Fall Scarecrow

We will be making a friendly fall scarecrow in this classroom activity using a Popsicle stick. It is super easy to make. Here is everything you will need:

- 12 popsicle sticks
- Paint
- Googly eyes
- Fall flower
- Black marker
- Orange colored paper
- Raffia
- Glue

Start by lining 11 Popsicle sticks together to make a square, and then glue them together vertically. It is best to handle the gluing part yourself, as kids may find it difficult to handle it without getting their hands sticky.

Paste the one remaining Popsicle stick horizontally (about one inch below the top of the square) to make the brim of the scarecrow's hat. Paint the hat area using bright orange color. Paste the fall flower on the hat using glue.

Next, add the googly eyes, triangle-shaped nose (cardboard cutout), and raffia hair. Use a marker to draw a smiley face on the scarecrow!

Doesn't the scarecrow look super-cute?

4. Essay Writing Assignment

A great way to improve students' writing skills during fall is by having an essay writing competition. Take your students out in the playground and ask them to write an essay describing the fall season and what they love about it.

As part of this writing assignment, you could also teach them some new words that they would be required to use in the essay.

Reward the student with the best essay with a small prize and have the essay read aloud to the class.

5. Fall Poetry - The Falling Leaves

Fall is the perfect season to teach poetry to your class. 'The Falling Leaves is a great poem to explore and can be used to teach the students how to interpret figurative language. You can also use it to teach students the poetic device of alliteration.

6. Building a Gratitude Wall

Fall is the perfect time to be grateful and teach the same to your students. If you have a big bulletin board, it is time to make space for a large gratitude tree. Here is what you will need for this activity:

- Brown card paper
- Multi-colored sheet (for the leaves)
- Bulletin board pins
- Colored markers
- Scissors

Cut out a tree trunk and branches on brown card paper and pin it on the bulletin board to make the tree. You can also add grass and bushes using green card paper.

Trace leaves on multi-colored sheets and cut them out. Allow students to pick however many leaves they like of their favorite color.

The next step involves writing on the leaves. So, ask the students to write words or sentences on the leaves describing things they are grateful for.

To complete the tree, add all the fall leaves to the tree using the pins. (Handle the pinning part yourself, and it is safer not to hand them out to the students)

7. Taking an Adventurous Walk

There is nothing like going on an adventurous walk on crisp fall leaves. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing afternoon stroll with your class. You can plan a simple walk around the school or even plan a field trip to a wooden or a farm.

8. Fall Leaves Observation

Fall is the best season to do it if you want to teach your students about leaves while improving their observation skills. Take a walk around the school with your class and gather some golden fall leaves to examine them,

You can ask the students to sketch the leaves on their notebooks and color them. Draw the same leaf on the chalkboard, label the different leaf parts, and ask your students to do the same. Here are the parts of a leaf:

- Apex
- Vein
- Blade
- Petiole
- Midrib

Leaves can also be used for prompt writing exercises and making crafts.

Wrapping Up

Fall is a bustling time in the classroom, and we hope you will enjoy these full-filled fall classroom activities just as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. Try them out to keep your students engaged and motivated.