Petals Guide to Plants and Plant Life

Plants are some of the most amazing things in the world - they can do so much! One of the most exciting stages of a plant's life can be how they grow and change with sunlight and water. Just like animals and people need food and the chance to breathe, plants do too - and plants use their roots in order to get special vitamins and nutrients from the ground that they are in. Plants also need a lot of sunshine if they are going to grow properly, and this is what helps them in a special process known as respiration.

How do plants reproduce?

Plants are clever things because of how they make sure that one flower can soon become four flowers. How the plants reproduce can also depend on what type of plant it is. They might make the seeds which can grow into plants really sticky so they will travel further. Some plants will use the complete opposite method by making sure that their seeds will travel far when the weather is windy.

A plant needs to germinate if it is going to have the chance to grow. Once it has done this, things get really exciting as the seedling begins to grow and become a small plant. Once this has been done, the same thing happens again as a new plant is made.

Fun facts about plants

There are so many plants out there that experts are finding it hard to count them all! They think there are over 200,000 plants in the world so far - and there are many more that still need to be found!

Plants are a very important part of our lives because thousands of plants which are around are used by us to make food. If you are ever out and about and see a field, you might find that there are crops there which will be taken out by farmers when they are ready. Chemical compounds can be sprinkled on top of these crops to make them go especially well.

Types of plants might only be found in some areas because of the weather. Bamboo is a really good example of this - as it is only found in Asian countries such as China. Many animals which are herbivores will eat these plants as their main type of food, with pandas eating bamboo as an example of this!

The different parts of a plant

Even though every plant is different, there are some things which are on all plants. For example, the leaves are all attached to the stem, which is a strong part of the plant that sticks up from the ground in the roots. The roots are what secures the plant into the ground, too.

There is so much more to learn about plants - this is really only the beginning. If you love these amazing examples of nature, there are so many hobbies that include gardening which lets you see this type of science up close and at work.

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