Available Teacher Resource Guides on English Language Arts Topics

We all know how critical English Language Arts is to the development of society. After all, English Language Arts helps people to listen, read, speak, visualize, and write. Life would be an uncontrollable mess without these main core areas. Effective listeners and good communicators are needed in society on both a personal and professional level.

Worldwide English is third among natively spoken languages. Trailing behind Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. There are an estimated 400 million native English speakers. There are an additional 400 million fluent second language speakers. An additional 750 million people speak English as a foreign language. When you take into consideration second and foreign language speakers, English is the most frequently used language in the world.

English Language Arts has five identifiable components including listening, reading, speaking, viewing, and writing. In this section of our site we provide you detailed teacher guides on these area. We also point out available teacher resources on these areas. If you are looking for Common Core Aligned materials, we would recommend English Worksheets Land. Pick a theme from our selection of popular themes and topics and find links to a variety of resources that will help you to develop lessons that are challenging, exciting, and fun for students!