Handwriting Teacher Guide to Printable Handwriting Activities

Learning and perfecting penmanship and handwriting is something that happens with time and a lot of practice. There are no shortcuts or hidden secrets that will make your handwriting better, but there are some basic strategies that will make practicing your penmanship more fun.

One thing you can do is use different things to write with. Besides writing on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil you can use a chalkboard and chalk or a whiteboard and markers. A very different way to practice is to pour some sand into a shallow pan or box and use your finger or a stick to make your letters and practice writing your name.

Another strategy to help you learn better handwriting is to take a set of handwriting cards and ask an adult to help you laminate them. The handwriting cards have the letters on them and you can use them as a guide. Write on the laminated cards with erasable markers and your penmanship will be sure to improve as you follow the steps in creating the perfect letter.

Another strategy for learning penmanship and handwriting is to think of your handwriting as a work of art that is evolving and changing as you grow older. One fun way to see how your penmanship improves is to take a piece of paper and write your name in your best handwriting. On the back of this example write the date and then put the signature sample in a notebook. Every few weeks or months you can add another sample to your signature portfolio and see how your handwriting writing changes.

One of the best strategies is to use what you are learning. Use your handwriting skills to write a letter to a cousin or grandparent. Don't use the computer to make invitations for your birthday party, set down and practice your penmanship. And after the party make sure to send out handwritten thank you notes for the gifts you received. These notes and invitations don't have to be more than just a few sentences but it is important to use your developing talent.

Handwriting strategies might also include tracing shapes and figures. Get some tracing paper and put it over a picture and then trace the lines onto the paper. Any practice in making smooth flowing lines will help you develop better penmanship.

But the best strategy for learning better penmanship and handwriting is to practice. If you normally do most of your homework on the computer, change it up and do at least one assignment a day by hand. Volunteer to act as secretary for your parents and write down the grocery list or write out the errands and chores that need to be done on the weekend.

Another great strategy that will help you improve your penmanship is to take a calligraphy class. Calligraphy is an art form that is used to create fancy letters. Learning how to do calligraphy will make difference in your handwriting.

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