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D'Nealian® Block Letters

This set of 62 worksheets provides practice for writing all the lower and upper case block letters and numerals 0-9.

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D'Nealian´┐Ż Block Letters - Animals

This set is composed 63 worksheets for students to practice handwriting skills. The handwriting skills are based on D'Nealian´┐Ż block letters. Each sheet has the name of an animal name of 3 - 8 letters in length.

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Tips For Teaching Handwriting

1. Work on hand-eye coordination with craft projects.

2. Work on skills one at a time. Letter Height, Spacing, Slants, and Line Alignment.

3. Once all skills are mastered begin to group skills together.

4. Use high-frequency words and words that have meaning to students.

5. Provide parents with a handwriting guide.


Handwriting Tips for Lefties:

6. Position the paper to the extreme left of the child's mid-line.

7. Angle the paper so that it is parallel with the child's forearm

8. Put masking tape on their desks to help them align the paper.

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