Study Skills Resource Guide and Activities

One of the most difficult things for students to learn is how to create a system of studying that works for them. This author for one struggled to find a system that works.

I was a slightly above average student until I happened to have a roommate that had a very unique study system. My roommate would take a day to write down any possible question that could be asked on our multiple choice exams. She would then transfer these to flashcards. She would then commit these to memory. I tried it and guess what? My multiple choice grades soared. At that time, I finally realized that studying is a true skill and art. I was 20 at the time. It took 15 years of school to realize this.

Understanding how students learn most effiecently is a key concept that most schools simply don't have the time or resources to help students with. If you take time to help your students understand this about themseleves, you will see a greatly increased aptitude and interest. Simply put, students that understand how they learn best are better students. In addition, because they have great success students are much more motivated to learn.

  1. Arc Ideas
  2. Break Out Topics
  3. Concept Study Card
  4. Concept Study Card Example
  5. Concept Web
  6. Concept Wheel
  7. Double C
  8. Event Map
  9. Meeting New Vocabulary
  10. Power Triangle
  11. Study Skills Lesson Plans
  12. Triple Venn Diagram

Study Skills Success Packs

  1. Rubrics Make Elementary Teachers Day Easy!

How To Improve Your Study Skills

  1. 5 Methods of Memory Improvement
  2. How Can Parents Help Their Children Improve Their Study Skills
  3. How do I know my learning style?
  4. How to create a Study Schedule
  5. How to Improve Your Memory for Better Learning
  6. How to Improve Your Study Atmosphere
  7. How to Study Better Using SQ3R
  8. I Know My Learning Style! How Do I Best Prepare For A Test?
  9. Summarizing - How to Quickly Summarize Large Amounts of Information
  10. Top 10 tips When Studying for Tests
  11. What are learning styles?
  12. What Are Some Basic Test Taking Strategies I Can Use?
  13. What is Mnemonics? - They come in an array of formats, but rhyming is one of the most popular ways of using a mnemonic.

Study Skills Web Quests

  1. Your Survival Guide to Education

Science Study Packs

  1. Inventors/Inventions
  2. Influential Scientists
  3. Rainforest
  4. Scientific Method

Social Studies Packs

  1. States of America
  2. U.S. Constitution
  3. U.S. Presidents
  4. Women's History
  5. World Leaders