Web Guide Teacher Guide to the Alphabet

When teaching anything we know that repetition is a key ingredient for successful results. The best idea for teaching the alphabet is to include mini lessons in everything you do. Here are several examples of how you can teach the alphabet through repetition.

Magnetic Alphabet Letters

Using magnetic alphabet letters is a great idea. Put them on the refrigerator or any flat metal surface. Now you can arrange the letters alphabetically, create words, or play "find the letter." I have several sets of magnetic alphabet letters in different sizes and in capital letters and small case.

First my children, then later my grandchildren have spent hours in front of the refrigerator while I ask them to "find the b's, make their name, or spell a word. As they progressed they would leave me little messages. It's always fun to discover what word or phrase has been written on my refrigerator in magnetic alphabet letters.

There are so many different ways to use the magnetic alphabet letters as a teaching tool. This teaching technique is particularly effective because the lessons are short, fun, and repetitive.

Alphabet Cards

Another great idea for teaching the alphabet is to buy or make a set of alphabet cards. Make sure the set has at least two of the same letter. If you are making the cards you might consider making a full set of uppercase letters and a full set of the lowercase alphabet.

Now you can play match by selecting a number of paired letters. For younger children it is helpful to only use five letters at a time. This will be a total of ten cards. As children get older you can use more sets. Now shuffle the cards and place them on the table face down. Organize the cards in rows. Now let the child turn over two of the cards and tell you what alphabet letter is showing. If they "match" the cards, they keep the set.

You can play several varieties of the match game. Some options would be matching lower and upper case letters or requiring players to name two things that start with the letter of the card upturned card are only two ideas.

Teaching the alphabet with alphabet cards can also be done by using these cards as flash cards. You can also play a version of old maid, slap, or war with the alphabet cards. The idea is to teach the alphabet by making it a game.

I Spy

Another of my favorite games for teaching the alphabet is playing "I Spy." You know the riding in the car game that goes, "I spy with my little eye, something that starts with the letter B." Or "I spy with my little eye, a sign that has an E on it." Besides a great idea for teaching the alphabet, this is a favorite for teaching colors and numbers too.


There are so many creative ways and ideas for teaching children the alphabet. As you use the ones listed above keep in mind that idea is to teach the alphabet by using short, fun, and repetitive lessons.

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