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Arbor Day Vocabulary List & Definitions



Referring to a tree.
conservation Using something in small amounts.
forest A large area filled with plant and wild life.
future The time that will follow the present.
generation Referring to the creation of an organism between the parent of an organism and organism itself.
lumberjack An individual who performs tree work that involves the removal, transport, and trade of trees.
medicine A healing component used to treat infections and diseases.
oxygen The colorless and odorless element in our air that we use to breathe.
photosynthesis The method in which green plants and other organisms use sunlight to process nourishment from water and carbon dioxide.
prairie A large open area usually covered in grass.
recycle The process of reusing items.
roots The part of a plant that grows under the ground.
seedling A young plant formed from a seed.
shade An area protected from the sun.
shelter A specific area that keeps one protected from outside conditions.
shrub A relatively small plant often with many stems.

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