Lesson Plan Title : Relevance of Setting

Age Range: Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School Level)

Overview and Purpose : Students will be able apply reading strategies while reading "Marigolds" and check comprehension by answering questions.

Materials: The Language of Literature, "Marigolds"

Vocabulary: bravado, compassion, impotent, perverse, poignantly, stoicism


Write the following paragraph and have students complete the sentences with the correct word:

Showing sensitivity to people's suffering, literature and photography of the period ___________ captured the distress these hardships caused. People reacted to their predicament in various ways. Some felt helpless and ___________. Some, in a show of ___________, took __________ pleasure in spending money on foolish luxuries. Still others reacted calmly and with __________. Meanwhile, many charities showed ____________ for the poor.

You may go over the answers once students are done.

1. poignantly 2. impotent 3. bravado 4. perverse 5. stoicism 6. compassion

Have students continue reading "Marigolds" and answer the questions throughout the story. It is best if you read with them to guide the reading and comprehension.


Have students answer the following:

1. Describe the setting of Marigolds. (Historic events during the time and place)

2. How does the setting affect the character and her actions?

3. Do you think Lizbeth was justified in doing what she did? What could she have done different? How would you have reacted?