Lesson Plan Title : Hot Potato Words

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary or Primary Level)

Overview and Purpose : Students will have to think fast during this fun vocabulary review!

Objective: The student will be able to name the definition that matches a given word.


2 bean bags - each a different color

Cd player

Cd of lively music


Have students stand or sit in a circle. Explain that one color beanbag is for the vocabulary word and the other one is for the definition. Give a bean bag to two different students and have each one toss them to different classmates. Have the students continue tossing them as long as the music is playing. When the music stops the student who has the word beanbag has 5 seconds to give a word and the other student has 5 seconds to give the definition. If either student runs out of time, they are out. Continue playing until all the words are used or until there is only one student left.


This activity is a good one to use as a review for a test. For students who are struggling, you can modify the game slightly. Have the students who are holding the beanbags be partners. After you give them the word, they can have ten seconds to discuss the meaning. If they share the correct one, then they both stay in the game, if they do not, they are both out.

"London Bridges" is another fun way to learn vocabulary words and their definitions. Have 2 students stand across from one another, interlock their fingers and raise their joined hands above their heads to create an arch. Then have the other students line up and pass through the "bridge" before it falls down. Whoever gets trapped will be given a vocabulary word and has 5 seconds to give the definition. If they do not give the correct definition in time then they are shaken up before they are released!