Lesson Plan Title : Bubblegum Blends

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : As students progress and become more confident with consonants, they will begin blending them together. This lesson will bring their attention to which consonants make up the blends within the new words they have been learning.

Objective: The student will be able to match two letters together to make a blend.


Laminated bubblegum machine

Laminated bubblegum pieces with different letters that make blends written on them


Ahead of time tape or Velcro the bubblegum pieces on top of the bubblegum machine. Divide the class into teams. Have one student from the first team choose two bubblegum pieces that make a blend. Have him say the blend as he tapes the pieces next to each other on his team's half of the board. Have a student from the second team make a different blend and tape it to the other half of the board. The teams take turns creating new blends until all the pieces have been used or until one team cannot think of any more blends. The team with the most pieces of bubblegum wins.


You can re-use the bubblegum pieces in a game of hop-scotch. Put the pieces in a container. Divide the students into groups of five, and have them line up in front of a pre-drawn hop-scotch grid. The first student draws a piece out of the container and tosses it on the grid. They must first make a blend, using the letter on the bubblegum piece, before they can hop across the grid (picking up their piece as they go). Be careful not to step in bubblegum! Game play continues, until all of the groups have had a turn.