Farm Lesson Plans

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Farm Teaching Theme Farm Worksheets


  1. Dry as a Bone- This lesson examines the current state of drought in the United States and the economic impact of drought on local communities.
  2. Hook Lesson for Farm Unit - The learner will orally state at least one thing they would like to learn about the farm.
  3. Old McDonald's Farm - The focus is on the student's ability to count collectively.
  4. The Disappearing Black Farmer- In this PBS lesson, students learn about the plight of the African American farmer.
  5. The Mystery of the Amazing Farmers- In this lesson you will be taking on the role of an an investigative reporter to solve the Amazing Farmer Mystery. The goal will be to use seven clues provided throughout the lesson in order to figure out how so few farmers can produce enough food and fiber for the nation.
  6. Track the Path of Coffee from Farm to Store Shelf- In this PBS lesson, students examine economic consequences of cost production, price quota, loss leader, and profit margin, and the quality of life of those involved in the coffee industry.