Lesson Plan Title : Washing Letters

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : The following letter recognition activity will give students a better understanding of which uppercase and lowercase letters belong together. It also helps them practice beginning sounds.

Objective: The student will be able to match a picture to the uppercase and lowercase letter of the beginning sound.


Clothespins with uppercase and lowercase letters written on individual clothespins

Paper cut-outs of assorted items of clothing with pictures on them

Clothesline or yarn stretched across the classroom


Have a student choose a piece of clothing and name the picture on it. He can then hang it on the clothesline using the uppercase and lowercase letter that matches the picture's beginning sound. Continue until all the students have had a turn.

This activity can also be used to practice ending sounds, blends, or digraphs.


If space is tight in the classroom, you can utilize a bulletin board for this project. Make a loop on each end of a few pieces of yarn and hang up 2 or 3 rows across the width of the board. If clothespins will be too heavy to use, you can open up some paperclips into a 's' shape and poke one end through the piece of clothing. Hang it on the clothesline by the other end. Write the letters on Post-it notes and stick them above the lines. Have the students hang the laundry in front of the correct set of letters.