Lesson Plan Title : Draw My Adjective

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary Level)

Objective: Students will identify action verbs, use actions to identify action verbs, creatively use what they know about action verbs to guess what verb is being used.

Duration: 45 minutes

Description: In this lesson, children will divide into groups to create action verbs. They will then play a game with the entire class that allows them to demonstrate the action verbs without speaking while the class decides what they are.


After this lesson, students will be able to identify action verbs.


6 small whiteboards or large sheets of paper.

Markers or pens,

small sheets of paper,

enough for one for every student.


1. Divide the class into six small groups.

2. Give each student a small piece of paper to write their name on and then put their name in a box to pull from randomly later.

3. Have each group use the sentence I can _______ to come up with at least 10 action verbs to write down on their whiteboard or large piece of paper.

4. When the students have the action verbs written down on their group whiteboard or papers have them take turns writing their verbs on the main whiteboard for the whole class to see.

5. Read over the action verbs with the children.

6. Pull a name from the box. That student will choose a verb, give the class its first letter, and act out the verb. Then you will choose another student until all words are done.

Extensions:Students could draw the action verbs

Assessment: The students can be observed while they are drawing out their verbs. This will let the teacher know how much of a grasp the students have on the word and the word's meaning.