Lesson Plan Title : Alphabet Box

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : In this lesson, students can see and touch items that represent the words they have been learning.

Objective: The student will be able to put items in the box that start with the letter being studied.


Decorated cardboard box

Items brought from home


Have students bring in items that begin with the letter you are studying and place them in the box. During phonics class, review the items. Hold them up and ask the students to name them and confirm if they start with the letter. Encourage students whose names start with the letter being studied to come and stand in the box.

For a more challenging activity, you can also place some items in the box that do not start with the correct letter. Let the students know that you are the only one who can add items that do not start with the right letter.


To extend learning, write the names of the objects on the white board as you talk about them. Have the class spell the word out loud, in unison, as you point to each letter.