How to Learn New Vocabulary Words Quickly

Learning new vocabulary words can be accelerated if you study using a method that caters to your learning style. Visual learners learn words best by seeing words repeatedly. Auditory learners learn words best by hearing words repetitively. Kinesthetic learners learn words best by writing words repetitively.Visual learners should:

  1. use flashcards.
  2. Play Post-it vocabulary memory games.
  3. work with various word puzzles.
  4. draw pictures of words often.
Auditory learners should:
  1. read the words and definitions aloud.
  2. record themselves saying the words and definitions. They should then playback these recordings.
Kinesthetic learners should:
  1. look at the word and definition . Cover up the word and definition. Then, try to write the word and definition. Students should then check their work and repeat.
  2. make their own word puzzles and collaborate with visual learners.