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Earth Day Lesson Plans

  1. Earth, Air, Water, Fire- to introduce students to the basic properties of earth, air, water, fire.
  2. Earth Bags- Students will write and illustrate ideas for helping our environment on paper grocery bags that will be distributed at the local grocery store.
  3. Earth Day - To help children be able to understand what the basic things do in nature.
  4. Earth's and Its Many Layers - To understand that the Earth has different layers that are made of gases, water, soils and minerals.
  5. Edible Earth - Students will make connections between the Earth's structure and the physical features on the surface.
  6. Is the Sun our Heater?- Why is it warm in Florida and cold in Alaska? Students explore and discover how the sun provides heat to the earth, depending on the surface as well as the angle of the sun's rays.
  7. Junk Mail Overload!- Students track the amount of junk mail received at their homes in one week and use the collected data to estimate how much junk mail would accumulate in a year. Then they explore ways to solve the junk mail problem.
  8. Nature Awareness Brochure - For children, through the means of using technology, will become better acquainted with the effects nature has on the world.
  9. Save Our Earth- Students research current environmental problems in order to develop and deliver an oral presentation. This presentation will persuade the audience to act on the student's point of view on the issue.
  10. The Energy Grab Game- Demonstrates the scarcity of energy resources. It allows the students to experience competition for natural resources and demonstrates the result of inadequate distribution of natural wealth among the Earth's nations.
  11. The Globe A Model of the Earth - The students should be able to understand and interpret the globe or the map.
  12. Touring Through the Beginning of Earth- Students create a series of newspaper articles about different theories of how life began on Earth.
  13. What On Earth- What on Earth Is Earth Science? That is what students discover in this lesson through concept mapping, discussion, and self-discovery.