Lesson Plan : Nature Awareness Brochure

Teacher Name:
 Jenny Vines
 Grade 4

 Nature Awareness
 For children, through the means of using technology, will become better acquainted with the effects nature has on the world.
 I would like children to learn about preserving nature, as well as understanding more about how to make a brochure, and researching on the internet.
 1.01 Observe and describe how all living and nonliving things affect the life of a particular animal including: Other animals. Plants. Weather. Climate
 A computer with Internet Access, as well as Microsoft Word.
 For earth day, I would like my students to understand some problems our environment is facing.
 Tell children they are to select a topic about nature. This could be anything from endangered animals to deforestation. They will write, in a brochure format, an awareness paper. I would like a problem and if the problem has a solution. I will show them my brochure for a visual aide.
 Watch them as they surf the net, making sure they understand what they are looking for. To also help know where everything goes, after they have done research, they should with pencil and paper make an outline of their brochure.
 Depending on where the child is struggling. If they are having some problems getting started I could suggest a broad topic and a search engine. On the other hand if a child is having problems with knowing where everything goes, they can fully sketch out their brochure and have that sitting in front of them.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will note from the brochure if the children have really understood (not just copy and pasting what is on the internet) what they were reading by the word usage and vocabulary.
 Children will present to the class their findings. Follow up activity- an oral presentation.
 Grade the brochure, ask them questions about how could they help reduce the numbers for the problem they found.
Teacher Reflections:
 I think this would be a fun lesson for earth day!

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