Lesson Plan : Earth Day

Teacher Name:
 Megan Iannuzzi

 Earth Day Creative Expression Introduction to teach the things around us on earth and show them how everything comes from God. To incorporate community/family involvement as interaction that wil help children learn.
 1. Creative Expression 2. Earth Day 3. Nature
 1. To help children be able to understand what the basic things do in nature. 2. To understand where everything comes from. 3. To help understand that we are all created by God. 4. To help them multitask, by singing, hand motions, and also instruments.
 1. Should be able to identify different things in nature such as a tree, a flower, stars, and trees. 2. Students should be able to do hand motions that represent each thing in the song.
 1. Song- All you works of God- by Marty Haugen. 2. Coloring pages with letters of the Alphabet. such as A- is for Apple, B- is for Bird 3.Crayons 4. Cd 5.Projector: YouTube.com Video http://youtube.com/watch?v=qlsFVux6qts
 1. Begin by focusing on the different things in nature. Play the video and help children identify with the different things. 2. Show them the song they will be learning All you works of God by Marty Haugen.
 1. Ask the children to name some other things in nature that we haven't spoken about. 2. Ask if Anyone could name any kind of animal or thing that starts with an A, or a B.
 1. Show the students a picture book of different things in nature. 2. Play recording of sounds in nature that the children would be able to identify with. Ex: Cow, Crickets.
 Visual impaired students: I would hopefully have a few things like pine cone, or a flower that they could touch and become familiar with. Hearing impaired students: They can feel the pine cone or flowers and have hand motions to the songs. They could also feel the vibration.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Ask students to identify the different pictures in the book. 2. Ask how the movement and songs relate to each animal or thing.
 1. Sing the song one last time for the families at the school. 2. Relate the activities back to art.
 1. Did the students successfully learn what nature is all about? 2. Did they understand where we come from?
Teacher Reflections:

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