Lesson Plan : Earth's and Its Many Layers

Teacher Name:
 Nicholas Piacquadio
 Grade 5

 The Changing Earth
 The Earth's Layers. Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Crust, Mantle and Core
 To understand that the Earth has different layers that are made of gases, water, soils and minerals.
 Students will be able to identify the different layers of the Earth.
 Textbook, Smartboard and a peach.
 Students will read out loud the introduction to Lesson 1. This introduction includes the comparison of the layers of fruit to the layers of the earth.
 Show the students how the layers of the earth are similar to the layers of a fruit by cutting open a a peach and showing them how the skin is similar to the earth's crust, the flesh is similar to the earth's mantle and the pit is similar to the earth's core. Go on to read the lesson out loud together to understand how they are different. When we are done reading the lesson we will watch a video about the layers of the earth on the smartboard.
 The students will draw a diagram showing the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. Encourage students to include elements of each, such as clouds in the atmosphere, mountains in the lithosphere and riveres in the hydrosphere. Then have students write a short caption describing the three layers. Hvae students include the three layers of the lithosphere in their diagram.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will assess their diagrams and the answers to their homework to see if they do understand the material.
 Ask students to explain to you what they have learned throughout the lesson and the video they watched.
 During the next science class they will be given a quiz on the information of lesson 1 before beginning the next lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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