Forces Teacher Guide to Forces Of Nature

There are many destructive forces when it comes to nature, which have destroyed whole cities and killed many people. They're really terrible, but they occur somewhat often - and this is why you see so many charities these days which focus their efforts on helping people which have been affected by natural disasters.

Whilst the world is a very beautiful place to live in, there will always be parts of the world where natural disasters happen more often than in other places, where properties and lives are destroyed. Only the people who live in the country where tsunamis occur, and earthquakes as well as other disasters experience these - and we can only imagine the suffering that they go through.

For some people out there, the world is cruel - but they have no choice but to stay where they are. A lot of the time people simply cannot afford to move away, as they might not be able to get a job when they leave. Though others would still feel that their land is actually cursed, and these are the only ones who experience first hand the natural things that happen, and destroy lives.

In 2004, there was a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. A tsunami is a large wave that towers hundreds of feet into the air, and covers whole areas when it comes crashing down on to dry land. This particular tsunami was caused by an earthquake that happened in the middle of the sea, shooting the water away from the ground and towards dry land. This tsunami actually reached thirty meters in height, and was one of the worst tidal waves the world has ever seen. It is thought that over 200,000 people were hurt in the disaster. It was the worst tsunami in the history of the world.

So much so that the earthquake is thought to have disrupted the rotation of the whole planet!

In 2005, we also saw a hurricane (a large amount of wind which can sweep away whole towns) happened in the United States. This hurricane was known as hurricane Katrina, and is perhaps the worst in the history of the world. It happened in 2005 and destroyed millions of properties in the area. It also took the lives of nearly 2000 American people. It was known that for ten days, the wind kept gushing through the area, meaning the most powerful country in the world became helpless in their attempts to save the people who were affected by the hurricane.

Now, every year the country holds commemorations to the people that suffered and died.

Finally, in 2008 we saw yet another natural disaster. This time it was a cyclone, which is similar to a hurricane but happens in a circular motion. This cyclone Nargis had been one of the strongest to have ever occurred, reaching a death toll of nearly 150,000 people. All of these were terrible disasters that were unavoidable.

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