Printable American Revolution Worksheets

While people or different websites with call this a difference of opinion, this war was started due to a completely different ideology. While England or the British Kingdom saw this as a missing piece of land, the inhabitants viewed this as an invasion of a foreign body. In the late eighteenth century, colonists of the North American thirteen colonies joined forces to claim their freedom from the British Empire. The worksheets below can be very helpful for building a foundation of vocabulary and knowledge.

  1. Adjectives Worksheet
  2. Acrostic Poem
  3. Book Marks
  4. Book Marks v2.0
  5. Bulletin Board Border Set
  6. Cryptogram
  7. Group Creative Writing
  8. KWL
  9. Maze
  10. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  11. Timeline
  12. Venn Diagram
  13. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  14. Vocabulary Quiz
  15. Word Search Worksheet
  16. Writing Paper

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What Was the American Revolution?

Before the United States was independent, there were 13 states owned by Europeans. After the British increased the tax, the Americans in these states were upset. They decided to rebel against the British. They also wanted more control over their land, but the British wanted to keep ruling them. They mistreated the colonies and made them follow harsh laws. The war lasted for almost 8 years. When it ended, all the states gained independence from British rule. The American Revolution did not happen overnight. Many events caused it.

Causes for American Revolution

There were many reasons for the American Revolution. Here are some of them.


The British made the American colonies pay them taxes. They taxed everything and kept increasing the taxes over time. Even newspapers! A new British government put taxes on all imported items, from glass to tea. This made the Americans angry.

Massacre at the Boston Tea Party

Infuriated because of the taxes, the Americans decided to throw expensive tea into the sea at the port of Boston. This was the Boston Tea Party. They did this to show the British that they were upset. The British decided to kill the Americans who were responsible. This was one of the main reasons for the American Revolutionary War.


The Americans wanted to rule themselves but the British did not let them have any power. They were scared that the Americans would rebel against them. This made the Americans even more upset and primed for revolution.

Harsh Laws

After some wars in other areas of the world, the British were afraid. They started trying to control the American states even more. Some of the laws they introduced were really harsh. This made the Americans in Colonial America really upset. They called these laws the Intolerable Acts 1774. The British were trying to make them pay for the tea lost at the port of Boston.

Timeline for American Revolution

There were a lot of battles before America finally became independent. The states had to unite to fight the British Army that easily outnumbered them and had more weapons.

The Continental Congress

The colonies had meetings to discuss what to do next. They decided they needed to stick together if they wanted to fight the British. They called themselves ‘The Continental Congress’. They had many meetings during the American Revolution.

Battle of Lexington

This battle started the American Revolutionary War. The Americans had prepared for the battle. Their soldiers were ready to fight any minute. When the British found out, they tried to stop them. They sent some of their soldiers but the Americans managed to fight them. This was the first win for the Americans in the countryside.

Battle of Bunker Hill

Before this battle, they decided they need an army too. This army was called Continental Army. George Washington was an important part of American Revolution history. He trained the soldiers really well. They were now ready to fight the powerful British Army.

The British tried to capture Bunker Hill. This is where the Americans kept their military supplies. The British won this battle but they lost many soldiers.

Declaration of Independence

The American States realized they did not just want the British to treat them better. They wanted to be free. Thomas Jefferson and some others wrote the Declaration of Independence. Everyone signed it. They were now going to fight to be free from the British.

Trenton and Princeton

The British were stronger than the Americans. However, the Continental Army managed to win at these two important places in New Jersey. This was a good win for the Americans and were now more excited to win against the British.

Battle at Saratoga

The French did not like the British. The two countries were always at war against each other. They were both imperial powers who wanted control over different parts of the world. The French wanted to help the Continental Army. After the Army won in New York against the British, the French sent soldiers to help the Army. They really wanted them to win so that the British would lose control of the American states

The Final Battles of the American Revolution

It was not so easy to win against the British. They had better weapons and more training. The Continental Army had been struggling in the last two years. Many of the soldiers were getting sick in the winter. The British had cut off their food supplies and the soldiers were really hungry. But they stayed strong and managed to win at the Battle of Monmouth.

In the last year and a half of the war, the British won in South Carolina but the American army defeated them at Virginia. They had to surrender. This was the last battle of in the timeline of the American Revolution.

Treaty of Paris

This was the final ceasefire treaty signed in Paris. The American states were finally independent. They had won the warand the British had to promise to leave them alone. They could now govern themselves. The Americans changed the British laws in their land. They decided to make a democratic government. They did not want to continue with a borrowed monarchy. Did you know that other European countries also helped the Americans?

The American Revolution was a huge event that changed the course of US history. Thanks to the revolutionaries, we have independent states and a lot of freedom. We also have better roads, buildings, and rights for women. Understanding why the American Revolution happened is important. It will help us see why George Washington and other American leaders won independence for us. It will also help you appreciate the country you live in today.