Government Lesson Plans

American Presidents Lesson Plans

  1. Branches of Government - A look at the separation of powers within the government.
  2. Can We Live Without Government? - A great question to ponder. Students will be left scratching their heads.
  3. Censorship! Fahrenheit 451 - This lesson looks at the role that governments play when considering control of information.
  4. Dictators and laws - The difference between dictators and democracy and how laws are made and why they are important.
  5. Federalism and the Prevention of Abuse of Power in the US Federal Government - This really isn't a lesson as much as it is a full unit. We enjoyed some new ideas that it brings about.
  6. Foundations of American Government - Why is it needed? Who thought it up? What is it modeled off of?
  7. Forms of Government - By the end of 50 minutes, students will be able to provide examples and explain the types of government discussed in class (Representative Democracy, Parliamentary System, Dictatorship and Monarchy).
  8. Governor's Garden - A real fun one. Students are hired to create a sketch for the landscaping of a governor's mansion.
  9. How Laws are Made - Students will also understand how the U.S. government makes policies which will become law.
  10. How the Freemasons Rule the World - We look at how the Freemasons influence has spanned generations and it continues to.
  11. John Dewey and Maria Montessori - We look at how educators helped form model citizens.
  12. Labor Organizers - Students will gain basic understanding of how big business grew in America in the late 1800's How individuals gain their wealth during the time between the 1900-1915.
  13. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Limited Government - Students begin to understand why police states are not a good thing. They also see the problems of loose governments.
  14. Our Government Scavenger Hunt - This is a neat little quest for any Friday.
  15. Our Right to Know - Students will understand that information provided by a newspaper in a democracy serves as a very special purpose.
  16. Origins of the Constitution - Students will know the ten ammendments to the Constitution.
  17. Power to the People - Looks at all the branches of government and how they are meant to keep everyone in check.
  18. System of Checks and Balances - Students will be able to identify the powers delegated to the three branches of government.
  19. The Nation's First Governement - Students need to know why Americans were hesitant to leave one central powerful government just to put into place another one.
  20. Who Needs Government?...We All Do. - Explain the consequences of having a lack of government and rules and laws for a society.
  21. Workers and Labor Unions - Students will be introduced to the topic of Labor unions and strikes.