Lesson Plan : How Laws are Made

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Sprandio
 Grade 2
 Social Studies

 How Laws are Made
 Vocabulary- bill, law, congressperson, sponsor, committee
 Students will develop a simple understanding of how a bill becomes a law.
 Fourth grade learners will learn and discuss the steps used when a bill becomes a law. Students will also understand how the U.S. government makes policies which will become law.
 Pencils (one for each child) Xerox worksheet (one for each child) Green pen (for grading)
 Today we are going to talk about laws and how they are made. Can anyone tell us what a law is?
 In our next lesson we will find out what happens next. Let me review one more time these six steps we learned today. (Teacher reviews steps one through six and asks the students questions while walking among the children.) (Modeling process) Teacher passes out worksheets with new vocabulary words and the six steps learned.
 Start working on worksheets, while teacher walks around and gives help where needed. (Guided Practice)
Checking For Understanding:
 Let�s work on the worksheets for 15 minutes and after that we will go over the answers. The teacher walks around the room and gives help where needed. (After 15 minutes the class goes over the answers together. The teacher asks for volunteers to answer.) (Check for understanding)
 You have all done a good job. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Tomorrow we will continue our lesson on how a bill becomes a law. You already know the first six steps of the law process and tomorrow we will finish it up. (Closure)
 The teacher will use the following method to record participation and knowledge of how well the students learn: 1) A plus (+) will be given to students who completed correctly the worksheet. 2) An asterisk (*) will be given to students who needed much assistance with the worksheet. 3) A minus (-) will be given to students who got less than half of the worksheet completed correctly.
Teacher Reflections:
 Verbal Feedback- The teacher will walk around the room and provide positive verbal feedback to all students who are working hard, not just the students who are getting everything correct. Students who need help but are working as hard as they can, will be given positive verbal feedback also. Students who are not working hard and who are wasting time will be spoken to privately and asked to try as hard as they can. Written Feedback- The teacher will draw a happy face on the upper right hand corner of each worksheet that is appropriately completed by the child. The teacher will write, �Good Work� on each worksheet. Worksheets that are 100% correct will be hung on a bulletin board with the child�s approval.

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