Lesson Plan : The Nation's First governement

Teacher Name:
 Carl Depo
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The Nation's First Government The Birth of a Democratic Nation
 Massachusetts Constitution. State Constitutions. Articles of Confederation. Reason for a strong or weak central government. Shay's Rebellion. How much do we know handout. French and Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre.
 Who should have the control in Government? Students need to know why Americans were hesitant to leave one central powerful government just to put into place another one. Students will know why the Americans had wanted to revolt for English rule. They will be able to state each of the reason why.
 SWBAT Identify the major domestic problems of the nation under the Articles of Confederation and assess the extent to which they were resolved by the new Constitution. SWBAT examine the causes of the American Revolution
 Data projector, laptop, Lecture notes, Articles of Confederation worksheet handout. Constitution (in book), Articles of Confederation (in book)Data projector, Laptop, Lecture notes, Declare the causes handout, Event time line handout, Boston massacre handout, School house rock handout, Book (to use for the Declaration)
 Quiz on previous material. have the students try to complete the How much do we know worksheet Individually. Quiz on previous material. Handout lecture notes. Handout group work of Declare the causes. In groups have them complete the assignment. Show how the Iowa assignment relates to this.
 Give the students lecture notes and for the first half of class,lecture. During lecture ask students to relate the "declare the causes..." worksheet with the day's lecture notes.
 The class can work as groups or individuals to look up the worksheet answers. They will need to turn it in to see what they have some knowledge of. Declare the causes worksheet to be completed by the end of class if needed.
 Some group work, some individual work. This lesson will stretch across two days and will be more active on day two. Students have the ability to learn visually, verbally, orally, in groups, or independently.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have them explain what they thought they knew on the worksheet. Spend a few minutes on explaining each of he answers to alleviate frustration. All work will be turned in at the end of the second day. This lesson will spread across two days worth of class time.
 have the students write a Constitution agreement with their parents. Ask to see what they have acomplished. Let them know all work will be turned in by the end of the second day. If time allows students will be able to watch some of the movie the Patriot (no classwork due for this movie) and a quick assignment involving school house rock.
 Quiz every day. Test at the end of 2 and 3. Worksheets.
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