Lesson Plan : Labor Organizers

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Williams
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Labor and Big Business in the the late 1890's and early 1900's
 How the US became and Industrial Nation Key People in this change towards industry from agriculture Rise of Big Business and Individual Wealth
 14D - Students who meet the standard can understand the roles and influences of individuals and interest groups in the political systems of Illinois, the United States, and other nations. 15A - Students who meet the standard understand how different economic systems operate in the exchange, production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
 Students will gain basic understanding of how big business grew in America in the late 1800's How individuals gain their wealth during the time between the 1900-1915. The way the government handled these changes and encouraged the growth then eventually limited.
 Books, Notebook, Pen, Pencil
 Welcome Mrs. Miller and begin class immediately with some basic understanding questions about the time period. Open with the reminding of need for articles on Friday for current events and that grades are suffering because of the lack of students bring them in.
 Notes: Pages 442-451, Time to work on Review and Test on Monday. Railroad Reminder- What was the key advantage of RR and why did they become so easy to transfer goods on? Paragraph 2 have students read: Transcontinental RR- why is it important. Tycoons- powerful business leaders, (Today examples) Oprah, Nike, Bill Gates, Hiltons, etc. Nationwide growth with RR influence. What types of industry was needed to grow with the RR? ( Steel, wood, jobs for immigrants, mining ) Graph on 445 Top Right Corner Laissez-Faire? what is it hands off approach (Unregulated) Rise of Big Business Stockholders and Corporations (448) Andrew Carnegie (Bill Gates of the 1900's) Steel Tycoon John D Rockefeller (Oil and refinery tycoon) Read 449- p 6 First interaction against costs of big business was that of the interstate commerce acts. What is this ? Depression settles in for awhile in 1893 after over extending the business of RR's. Famous People THink of some famous people ??? Montgomery Ward- Department Store Margaret Getchell- Macy's Store Richard Sears- Sears First big Advertising push, Sears Catalog and focus on the need for Chicago!
 Students will complete the pages: work on 444 Geography and History. 1-3 Vocab Review 446 Vocab Review 452 If completed give worksheet on ledge over crossword
 As Needed : Time allowances
Checking For Understanding:
 Grade worksheet and discussion time
 Lead into CURRENT EVENTS for Tomorrow !! FRIDAY need these POINTS
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