Lesson Plan : Dictators and laws

Teacher Name:
 Carrie Narvaiz
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Civilizations and their leaders: The difference between dictators and democracy and how laws are made and Why they are important
 Description of Branches of American government Laws Dictators Democracy Senators presidents Pharoahs/kings Concentration camps freedom
 Children will understand freedom and its cost. Children will understand the need for government and laws. Children will understand the responsibilities of living in a society with laws.
 Children will understand the difference between democracies and dictatorships. Children will know the meaning of the vocabulary words for this lesson. Children will be able to explain why laws are necessary and where they come from in our own country.
 Powerpoint presentation Puzzle
 Strange laws in tennessee and other countries.
 Explain to students that laws are made when people believe that they are necessary for good of the community or the good of themselves.
 Hand out puzzle with vocabulary words.
Checking For Understanding:
 Questions What are laws? What is a democracy? What is a dictator? What is a community? What is a pharoah? What is a constitution?
 In our own country we have a democracy. Our founding fathers decided to fight for freedom when they felt that the king of their old country was too controlling and would not allow them to live their lives and prosper in peace. They drew a paper that everyone would agree to live by called a constitution. It made clear the rights of everyone who is a citizen of the United States. They slowly started to design the government of the american people, changing whatever did not work and improving the lives of citizens as they went along. It was such a blessed difference from the lives under one ruler that they would never again allow their freedom to be taken away. Furthermore they would help those who came here looking for a better life and would fight anyone who tried to take away their freedom. This is why our brave soldiers go all over the world protecting our freedom and helping out other people even if they are not American citizens. Because our government and the American people decide that they need our help. Not because we are ordered to but just because we can.
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