Lesson Plan : Workers and Labor Unions

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Shane Riter
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Workers and Labor Unions
 Key Terms 12. Working Conditions/Wages/Sweatshops/Child Labor 13. Knights of Labor/ Terrence Powderly 14. Craft Unions 15. American Federation of Labor/ Samuel Gompers 16. American Railway Union/ Eugene Debs/ Socialism 17. Strikes: Haymarket Riot, Pullmman Strike, Homestead Strike. 18. Collective Bargaining/ negotiation/ Mediation/Arbitration 19. Court Injunctions
 Becoming an Industrial Society (1877-1900) - The learner will describe innovations in technology and business practices and assess their impact on economic, political, and social life in America. Students will be able to discuss and asses the ways and with what success did unions attempt to address the concerns of workers.
 5.03 Assess the impact of labor unions on industry and the lives of workers. 5.04 Describe the changing role of government in economic and political affairs.
 1. Handouts
 Students will be introduced to the topic of Labor unions and strikes. Before we enter into lecture and discussion we will discuss the new working conditions that are presented with a manufacturing based economy versus an agrarian. We will anyalze the cheap wages and efforts to change work place conditions and treatment. Students will be given a biographic look at Samuel Gompers and Eugene Debs.I will lecture on the development of the Labor Unions, their founders and members, purpose and platform and impact. Following this we will talk about labor strikes and the logic behind them as well as there impact.
 1.Students will be taught the development of Unions through Lecture and discussion that builds upon the previous days class on Big Business. 2. Students will be introduced to key terms 3.Students will be given a chart with the Labor Unions and instructed to fill in, followed by brief discussion(limited to informing students of answers and review with Academic) 4.Students will be introduced to government intervention in the Union strikes through lecture.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. I will call upon students to recall specific unions, founders, members, purposes/platforms and their impact before dismassal. Students will be given a one question exit pass that they must turn in for a participation grade.
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