Proud To Be An American Teacher Guide

These resources are great for preparing for America's independence day or any United States based unit. We feature all of our top United States related materials. If you are looking for information on particular States, just check our States of America guide.

Teacher Worksheets

  1. Adjectives Worksheet
  2. American Worksheets
  3. Follow The Investigation
  4. Stereotypes and Prejudices
  5. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  6. What Are Your Feelings?

Teacher Worksheets Packs

  1. Baseball Theme Workbook
  2. July Fourth Theme Workbook
  3. Graphic Organizers: Classroom Organizers
  4. July Lesson Series
  5. July Monthly Helper Workbook
  6. July 4th Theme Workbook
  7. Presidents: Barack Obama & George W. Bush
  8. Presidents: William Clinton & George H. W. Bush
  9. American Presidents: Reagan, Carter & Ford
  10. American Presidents: Nixon, LBJ, JFK
  11. American Presidents: Teddy Roosevelt & Wilson
  12. American Presidents: F. Roosevelt & Eisenhower
  13. The 1st through 10th President of the USA Series
  14. The 11th through 20th President of the USA Series
  15. The 21st through 31st President of the USA Series
  16. State Series: East North Central States
  17. State Series: East South Central States
  18. State Series: Middle Atlantic States
  19. State Series: Mountain States
  20. State Series: New England States
  21. State Series: Pacific States
  22. State Series: South Atlantic States
  23. State Series: West North Central States
  24. State Series: West South Central States

American Songs

  1. America the Beautiful
  2. My Country 'Tis of Thee
  3. The Pledge Of Allegiance
  4. The Star Spangled Banner
  5. This Land is Your Land

America Bulletin Boards

  1. All Bulletin Board Clips
  2. Flag 1
  3. Flag 2
  4. Flag Surrounded By Stars
  5. Flat Flag
  6. U.S. Seal

American Lesson Plans

  1. 50 States Lesson Series
  2. A World At Peace
  3. Another Day That Will Live in Infamy
  4. Taming Terrorism
  5. Tolerance in Times of Trial

American Web Quests

  1. Independence Day

American Life

  1. All About America
  2. American Experience
  3. America's Story
  4. USA Encyclopedia: 1840-1960