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America Under Attack Vocabulary

terrorism The use of violence and intimidation in order to further political aim
evacuated To remove someone from a place of danger, leave or cause occupants to leave
harbored To remember bad thoughts as a secret or to give someone a home
hijack Illegal seize in transit to force it to go in another direction or to a new destination
unite Bring together or unify for a common purpose or action
inhalation To take in through the nose or mouth while breathing
inhumanity Extremely brutal or cruel behaviors
reassure Do something or say something that removes doubt and fear for others
repercussion An unexpected consequence that happens sometime after the actual event
retaliate To make an assault or to attack someone after they have attacked you
sanctuary A place of safety and refuge
smolder Smoke that rises from a fire that is still burning slowly but has no flame
society The community of people that live in a particular region that have shared laws, customs, and organizations
solidarity Unity among people who have a common interest or goal
tragedy An event that causes destruction, suffering, and distress
unspeakable Not able to express in words because it is too bad
aftermath The overall consequences of an event that have a lasting presence
coalition A combination of people that come together for a common reason, even if they do not normally agree
counterterrorism Military or political activities that are made to stop terrorism


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