Printable Proud To Be An American Worksheets

This group of worksheets was inspired by the events of September eleventh. We here at Teachnology were all directly impacted by this series of events. Being located forty-five miles north of Ground Zero of New York City, makes it kind of inevitable. Our staff members have many friends and family members that lived and worked in the area.

  1. Adjectives Worksheet
  2. Comparing Terrorism and Democracies VENN Diagram
  3. Cryptogram
  4. Do The Research- Osama bin Laden
  5. Do The Research- Proud To Be An American
  6. Effects On A Community
  7. Follow The Investigation
  8. Group Creative Writing
  9. Journal Response To Terrorist Events
  10. KWL
  11. State Capitals Worksheet
  12. State Word Search
  13. Stereotypes and Prejudices
  14. The Pledge Of Allegiance
  15. Timeline
  16. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  17. Vocabulary Quiz
  18. What Are Your Feelings?
  19. Why Are You Proud To Be An American?
  20. Word Chop
  21. Word Search Worksheet

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9 Reasons to Be a Proud American Teacher

Parents are role models for their children. They learn many life skills from home, but the influence of teachers on their lives is extraordinary. If you are a teacher or have a passion for taking teaching as a career, know that it is not something that you will ever regret. It can prove to be a rewarding profession as you are nurturing the minds of the future.

1. Making a Difference in the World Everyday

Children make up almost 22% of the American population. They are the future of our nation. This means that teachers can make a great difference in the country’s present and the future by impacting the lives of children.

Teachers have a great influence on every aspect of a child’s life. They pass on precious values to children every day, which benefit them in their future. They can change the course of a country's future based on these values and lessons learned in school.

2. Shaping the Future of Children

The knowledge and education that they receive from in school manifests itself in other aspects of their lives. It helps them figure out the strengths, interests, weaknesses, and morals that they follow throughout their life. A negative experience in school will have a lasting impression on a child’s mind, leading to problems like unemployment or mental health issues later in life.

3. Great Virtues of Patience and Kindness

It is important for teachers to be kind and patient toward their students. A student should feel cared for and loved in a school since it is where they spend most of their time. When teachers are kind while dealing with students, it creates a welcoming and warm environment in a classroom where students can express their troubles and opinions.

Patience is also a great virtue found in teachers, which is very important in the long-term development of skills in a student.

4. Adept at Dealing With Kids

Little kids require proper adult guidance in every part of their life while growing up. Teachers have a great experience dealing with a lot of kids and they can easily detect the worries or issues of a child, by gauging their mood or participation in class.

Sometimes they can even detect problems with children earlier than their own parents do. They give valuable insight and guidance to the parents and share solutions that are best for the child’s development.

5. Passionate About Your Subject

Teachers are learners as well. While they have a great passion for teaching, they love to learn new things about their subject every day. They love to research their subject which gives them enjoyment. They then bring that research along with new ideas to the classroom to share with the students. This enthusiasm could be infectious as the students will start developing the same passion for the subject as their teachers.

6. Great Inspiration For Students

Students love to observe the habits and routines of their teachers. They will adapt to new things by looking at their teachers which will affect their own behavior. A positive attitude of teachers toward their students will give them a sense of motivation and encouragement, and they will be inspired to have great qualities in their life.

7. Creating a Safe Environment for Kids

Teachers work with not only their students, but their coworkers and other teachers as well to create a safe network for the welfare of their students. They work together in teams, share feedback with each other, and work towards building a better educational experience for all the students.

8. Great Adventures Everyday

No two days are the same for a teacher. Every day, there is a new topic to study, a new teaching approach to practice, new ideas, and new experiences. There are a lot of challenges a teacher has to face every day, like better communication with students and tackling problems like bullying and tantrums. Teaching is anything but a boring job.

9. Great Relationship With the Whole Community

Parents and other community members always look up to the teacher of their students whenever they are gathered to discuss a common issue. They know that teachers are capable of resolving those issues of their kids better than they would be. Hence they put a great deal of trust and belief in teachers for the supervision and safety of their children.

Perks of Being a Teacher in America

A. Salary benefits:

As of 2022, the average salary that teachers are getting in the USA at public schools is greater than $60,000 per year. Along with that, teachers are provided with health benefits, including insurance for themselves and their families.

B. Job security:

Teaching offers a considerable job security as compared to other professions. Also, there is always a great demand for teachers in public and private schools all the time.

C. Clear career path:

There are great opportunities for a teacher in the USA. They can become a teacher for a specialized role, head of a department, school principal, counsellor, college professor, etc.

D. Vacations and holidays:

Teachers get summer breaks and a lot of other holidays and vacations throughout the year., a perk not enjoyed by other professional industries.

E. International opportunities:

The teachers of the USA are always in high demand in other countries like Spain, France, Canada, Japan, Korea, etc.

Teaching is a very noble profession. They have the valuable job of molding a child’s present and future; in effect, they are responsible for shaping the whole lives of children. There are days when teachers get frustrated and tired because of their exhausting work, but in the end, the sweet smiles and grateful gestures from students and parents make everything worth it.

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American Bulletin Board Symbols

  1. Flag 1
  2. Flag 2
  3. Flag 3
  4. Flag Partial
  5. Flag Surrounded By Stars
  6. Flags
  7. Flags 2
  8. Flat Flag
  9. U.S. Seal

American Writing Paper

  1. Crest
  2. Flag
  3. North America
  4. Star
  5. U.S. States

Printable Maps

  1. Completed Map of North America
  2. Incomplete Map of North America
  3. Map Of The United States
  4. Maps Of All States