50 States of America Worksheets

  1. Map Of The United States
  2. State Abbreviations and Postal Codes
  3. State Abbreviations Worksheet - Using the word bank of state abbreviations below, match the abbreviation to their state.
  4. State Capitals Worksheet - Using the word bank of state capitals below, match the capitals to their state.
  5. State Word Search
  6. U.S. States Writing Paper
  7. States Of America Lesson Plans
  8. States of America Teaching Theme
  9. Teaching about the States of America

Maps of the 50 States

  1. Alaska AK
  2. Alabama AL
  3. Arizona AZ
  4. Arkansas AR
  5. California CA
  6. Colorado CO
  7. Connecticut CT
  8. Delaware DE
  9. Florida FL
  10. Georgia GA
  11. Hawaii HI
  12. Idaho ID
  13. Illinois IL
  14. Indiana IN
  15. Iowa IA
  16. Kansas KS
  17. Kentucky KY
  18. Louisiana LA
  19. Maine ME
  20. Maryland MD
  21. Massachusetts MA
  22. Michigan MI
  23. Minnesota MN
  24. Mississippi MS
  25. Missouri MO
  26. Montana MT
  27. Nebraska NE
  28. Nevada NV
  29. New Hampshire NH
  30. New Jersey NJ
  31. New Mexico NM
  32. New York NY
  33. North Carolina NC
  34. North Dakota ND
  35. Ohio OH
  36. Oklahoma OK
  37. Oregon OR
  38. Pennsylvania PA
  39. Rhode Island RI
  40. South Carolina SC
  41. South Dakota SD
  42. Tennessee TN
  43. Texas TX
  44. Utah UT
  45. Vermont VT
  46. Virginia VA
  47. Washington WA
  48. West Virginia WV
  49. Wisconsin WI
  50. Wyoming WY

What Is the Difference Between the States in the USA?

When we say the word America, it means we are referring to a big land including the continents of North America, Central America, and South America, along with all the countries in them. However, the United States of America, USA, is a country in the continent of North America.

The whole of America is called the New World, a landmass that was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The USA is just an aggregation of 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, that joined to form the United States.

The USA is a country with several states in it. A country is a territory that has a single government. A state is a small division within a country that is under the jurisdiction of the central government. The states in the USA are self-governing and have great authority. However, all the states are dutiful to the national government in Washington D.C. The states have their own governor, legislation, court system, and representatives in the federal government.

Does the USA Only Have States?

The USA is a federal republic with 50 states, 5 territories, various islands, and a federal district called Washington D.C., which is also the capital city.

Besides the USA, there are other countries in the world that have states. India has 28 states and Mexico has 31 states.

The different states in the USA have different geographical features and demographics. Therefore they have different laws and rules for their population, which vary greatly from the other states. Some states allow the construction of large buildings; some have to worry about hurricane winds.

Every state in the USA is different according to their strengths in certain areas. Some have the best healthcare system, some have beautiful tourist attractions. Following is a list of different states according to their top ranking in different departments.

Health Care: Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut

Economy: Washington, Utah, California, Colorado

Education: New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida

Criminal Justice System: New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont

Natural Landscape: Hawaii, New Hampshire, South Dakota


- It has the highest population in the USA.

- California is the strongest state economically and is home to Napa Valley and Silicon Valley.

- It is a socially active and politically strong state.

- There are a lot of Hollywood stars living in California, which brings in high income and high taxes.

- The beautiful Yosemite National Park is also situated in California.

- California also has unique destinations like Disneyland, Golden Gate Bridge, and Hollywood.

New York

- The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York.

- New York stretches almost 47,000 square miles, and it has vast areas of wilderness.

- The education system, health care, manufacturing services, and financial services all play an important part in New York's economy.

- New York City is home to the famous Empire State Building.

- New York City is considered to be the most expensive place to live in.

- The Adirondack Mountains is a popular site for hiking.


- It is the third state in the country with the largest population.

- Its beaches and parks are major tourist attractions places.

- Tourism shares a major portion of Florida's tax system.

- It is a state that shares its borders with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

- Florida is considered a very weird state because it has several unique features.

- Most of the population in Florida wasn't born there. It is made up of immigrants, tourists, old people, and some very religious people.

- Florida is a place with sunshine and hurricanes, humidity and warm weather, and unique fauna like alligators, bobcats, snakes, and fire – ants.


- Pennsylvania is famous for its agriculture and industrial manufacturing.

- It is the largest producer of canned food, potato chips, chocolates, vegetable products, etc., in the USA.

- Pennsylvania is home to great universities and health institutions, and is considered a favorable place to live.

- There is a strong hunting culture in Pennsylvania. The people of Pennsylvania consider the first day of the hunting season as a holiday.

- There is a lot of snow during winters. In Lancaster, you are expected to clear your sidewalks 5 hours after snowfall stops, and no longer than that.

- The several nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania like to test their alarm systems every now and then, so if you're not aware of these planned sirens, it can be a distressing situation.

- Pennsylvania is a poorer state when it comes to its northern areas and the Appalachian Mountains.

Is There a Time Difference Between States in America?

The USA has 4 different standard time zones. The four time zones are Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Standard Time. In addition to that, Alaska and Hawaii, along with 5 other US dependencies use their own time zones. The Alaska Standard Time and Hawaii - Aleutian Standard Time is used in Alaska and Hawaii.

Why Are US States So Different?

Even though all the states in the USA are to follow the laws of the federal government. However, they are sovereign states that can constitute their own laws and enforce them on their people accordingly. The USA is a big country, with different topography, cultures of people, environment and natural factors. So it is only understandable that every state in the USA must have unique characteristics that make them extremely different from its own neighboring states. Other things that make the states different from each other are:

- Law and order

- Their land area and territory

- The purpose of its establishment

- The geographical factors

- Their history

- Population

- System of taxes

- Their sovereignty or government