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  • A New Flavor of Jellybean - Students create their own flavor of jelly bean in this activity. They have to write a description and draw a picture of it.
  • Color Blending and Eggs - Dyeing eggs is fun for children of all ages. In this activity, children experiment with making secondary colors by dyeing hard-boiled eggs using primary colors.
  • Comparing Eggs - In this math activity, students weigh and measure different sizes of eggs to find information about the eggs weight and circumference and draw conclusions about each size.
  • Creating Easter Eggs by Directions Alone - This activity has students working in pairs trying to create identical Easter eggs. The difficult part is that they cannot see each other's work; they have to rely solely on verbal communication.
  • Duck Feet Addition - Students practice their addition skills in this activity. They try to match a duck with its correct feet.
  • Dyeing Easter Eggs Around the World - There are many countries around the world that have interesting and traditional ways of making Easter eggs. In this activity, students use the Internet to research how eggs are dyed around the world.
  • Easter Egg Fun! - Students should be able to differentiate what is a pastel color and what isn't.
  • Easter Egg Patterns - The student will be able to create a pattern on a paper Easter egg.
  • Easter Egg Word Families - In this game, students practice sorting words by word families. They have to find Easter eggs that have been hidden around the room and put them in the correct baskets.
  • Easter Grass Pictures - In this unique use of Easter grass, students use small pieces to create detailed pictures.
  • Easter Sudoku - In this activity, students practice critical thinking skills by creating a Sudoku game board using patterned Easter eggs.
  • Free-form Easter Baskets - Students think outside the box in this art project. They are challenged to make an Easter basket out of nontraditional materials such as bubble wrap or toilet paper tubes.
  • Hide My Eggs Here - In this activity, students create a map to show the Easter Bunny where they would like him to hide their eggs.
  • Hiding Eggs and Giving Directions - Students practice giving written instructions in this activity. They have to hide an Easter egg and then give step by step instructions to find it.
  • How big is the Egg? - The student will be able to create an egg that is proportionate in size to the traditional Easter Bunny that children see in the mall.
  • Jelly Bean Math - In this lesson, students use a bag of jellybeans to solve math problems.
  • Jelly Bean Preferences - In this activity, students have fun creating different graphs based on a bag of jellybeans. They find out which jellybeans their friends like the best and the least and use this information to create a graph.
  • Making Faberge Eggs - In this lesson, students learn about Faberge eggs and have the opportunity to create their own.
  • Pastel Easter Eggs - The student will be able to create a pastel Easter egg on black construction paper using glue and chalk.
  • Spring Egg - Students will develop their skills in creating shapes (Oval), patterns and art media.
  • Spring Weather Trends - In this activity, students research the weather to find out if it was possible for the egg hunts to be held outside over the last 20 years. They are then asked to make a prediction about where the egg hunts will be held for the next three years.
  • Vocabulary Eggs - The student will be able to match two halves of an egg together. One half should have a vocabulary word on it and the other half should have the definition.

More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Bunny Trail- For children to practice walking, skipping, jumping, hopping, etc., while carrying an object.
  2. Easter Basket Bonanza- The purpose of this activity is to teach students how to pass a soccer ball under control so they understand the force necessary to reach a target.
  3. Easter Crafts- Quality crafting ideas.
  4. Easter Crafts- Hands-on project ideas with instructions.
  5. Easter Egg Orienteering Hunt- The purpose of this event is to develop map reading skills and teamwork.
  6. EGG-Cercise Relays: Spring Fun Day- This is a fun holiday circuit training activity that promotes good sportsmanship and encourages students to challenge themselves using a variety of throwing and catching tasks.
  7. EGG-citing Egg Math
  8. Eggshell People- Students turn empty eggshells into eggshell people with grass "hair." Then they measure hair growth and write eggshell people diaries or stories.
  9. Easter Songs & Poems- About 10 poems/songs.
  10. General Rabbit Songs/Poems- Songs and poems on bunnies.
  11. Happy Easter Hunters- In this activity, the students will learn how to strike a balloon using a flat palm and volley a balloon using finger pads.
  12. Hop on down the Bunny Trail- The purpose of this activity is to build teamwork and practice locomotor skills in a fun, seasonal type activity.
  13. Lesson Plan on Easter Island- The student understands the interactions of people and the physical environment.
  14. Locomotor Easter Egg Hunt- The purpose of this activity is for students to practice basic locomotor skills and increase aerobic endurance through an Easter-themed game.
  15. Merry Easter- Merry Easter? This activity is a fun way to incorporate holiday activities with age appropriate writing skills. The students create greeting cards to special persons for a special holiday.
  16. Movin' Down the Bunny Trail- The purpose of this activity is to increase heart rate while at the same time having students work on their cooperative skills.
  17. Spring Egg Hunt- The purpose of this activity is to have students explore pathways (curved, straight, and zig-zagged).
  18. Why All the EGGS-citement About EGGS?- Eggs-ploit the egg with an eggs-plosion of across-the curriculum egg-tivities for all grades!