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Along with March, November is one of the two windiest months in the northern hemisphere. In many ways, this is because November is the mirror image of March - that is, the same weather patterns are causing all the wind, except in reverse. In March, strong high pressure areas from the south are jostling with strong low pressure areas from the north, pushing them out as winter gives way to Spring. In November, autumn is being pushed out by winter, and the same situation occurs, except that this time, the warm high pressure areas are in retreat, and bitter winds are gushing in from the north.

There is nothing like a bit of fur to help keep off the cold, and in parts of the United States, and much of Australia and New Zealand, as well as Canada, Ireland, England, and Spain, November is one of the hairiest months in the calendar. This is because there is a movement for men to grow moustaches and, sometimes, beards for charity during November. Some combine the words of November and moustache to describe this movement, creating the word "Movember," while in the United States, it is often called Novembeard or No-Shave November. It is perhaps no accident that this happens in the cold, windy month of November, when facial hair can be quite pleasant to help shelter the lower face from the elements (although in Australia, the summer is just heating up when Movember comes around). Read More About The Month of November

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